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by RuthlessCray
October 30th, 2003, 7:40 pm
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In LA the hispanic gangs usally put a v an underline it an the v stands for varrio an then they will either right the letters of the gang or right the whole name out an then usally right a 13 at the end which means their surenos. But why dont you just look on the graffiti part of this website? It sh...
by RuthlessCray
September 30th, 2003, 7:00 pm
Forum: Gang Questions, Info & News - West Coast - U.S.A.
Topic: California gangs - Southern - excluding Los Angeles County
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Re: California gangs - Southern - excluding Los Angeles Coun

Fontana Varrios.... SSF- South Side Fontana 13 HTF- Hard Times Fontana 13 CWP- Chicanos With Pride 13 or East Side Fontana IEF-Inland Empire Fontana 13 NSF or NFLS- North Side Fontana 13 or North Fontana Locotes 13 SBCG- San Bernardino County Gangsters 13 FLS- Fontana Locotes 13 WSF- West Side Fonta...

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