Discuss general Black gangs in Los Angeles County which include Bloods, Crips, Hustlers, Crews and Independent groups in Los Angeles County here.
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Unread post by qbone » March 24th, 2006, 3:46 am

to all my homies keep your heads up and always be aware of your surounding its a big world out here if u do not see me as much cause i am in the world doing me but know one thing i will always know where i come from i live by example now i have to pave away for my kids and you cause we all have lost alot to jail and the grave do not let this internet get u in trap with alot of these threads cause its only informative i am in atl
training in fiber optics and enjoying myself i am a gee and grown man
we paved the way for alot.caused alot of pain and joy to our familys along the way.always remember be u and it takes a good follower to be a leader it all depends on what u follow.all the things i;ve done i can now say i have learn my lesson and bless now.peace be with u all and keep your heads up be strong and mindful about life do not take it for granted
u only live once.u knw how to find me if u need some support with your endeavors god bless u all that read this post weather you from broadway r any where esle i will always keep peace in my heart.but always stay on point put strength where there is weakness and love where there is hate among your comrades.i am only here to express the values of life.a warrior one told a soldier war is easy peace is hard but once you find peace with your self u do not have fear about what it is u do cause u aint no pawn in the field where its real silents is golden with that i spread my love to u all

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Unread post by alexalonso » July 7th, 2006, 1:06 am

well said.

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