Tomahawk From Brims 1972

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Tomahawk From Brims 1972

Unread postby LionTheOracle » November 28th, 2017, 2:19 pm

This post disappeared from the forum and I'm not sure why. Either way, I wanted to re-create because an OG was kind enough to respond on Youtube to my question about Tomahawk from Brims he responded

"Judah TheOracle I saw u ask bout Tomhawak sgf.... He was a LA BRIMS and founder of Manual Arts Brims. Definitely was feared. He Dp sum of homies in front Manual Arts over for letting Lil Country get at that party. But he retired around end 74-75 became dancer for Don Corlnius on "Soul Train"..."

Amazing information...

My mom mentioned him to me and said this is one of the dudes she looked up to when she was a Brim back in the day. She lived on 29th and Mckinley so I'm assuming she hung out with who would later become FTB's. She also mentioned Denker Park was a deadly and fought over park back in the 70s. Her brother was from Harlem 30's. She said when ever they would fight they would always threaten to get their gangs on each other...

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