Is cats / toxoplasmosis / toxoplasma / t gondii the root to all evil ?

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Is cats / toxoplasmosis / toxoplasma / t gondii the root to all evil ?

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Been studying this hard core , and found out there's a whole scientific study on this ,

T gondii is a parasite that comes from cat poop

When owners empty cat litter boxes they can be exposed to mind control from the parasite which makes them suicidal , the parasite trap is supposed to be for rats ,

T gondii causes narcissism

It falls under the rules of irony which is everything is opposite of what we think ,

And cats are the most innocent creatures , so that is very ironic that they might be the most deadly creature on Earth

Cats have a unknown origin , they just popped up in the ancient Egypt period and was worshipped as God's harm to a cat was death

And there was a pope Gregory I believe his name was and he declared cats spawn of Satan ,

And cats were being killed , then the black plague came and the cats were able to live because it was theorised that no cats EQUIL's more rats which may have caused the black plague

But In actuality cats attract rats , once a rat eats cat poop it gets exposed to t gondii and become suicidal and is attracted to cats

Attracted to death
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