Young Droopy Loc from Rolling 40s Crip

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Young Droopy Loc from Rolling 40s Crip

Unread post by spanyloc2005 » September 24th, 2003, 9:40 pm

Ridah or Young, i know ya'll niggas know about the Rollin 40's in LA, but have you ever heard of a nigga named Young Droopy Loc, he just moved to Daygo about 2-3 years ago, he is a real ridah, and reptuable, i think that nigga is like 16 years old, he said he use to live on 45th and St. Andrews Place, i think?? W/S Rollin 40's AVe's BHC, he got put on in 1998 or 1999, but he hasn't been able to go back to his hood, so he kiccs it with the E/S Rollin 40's NHC in Dago, his real name is Andrew, light skin, droopy eyes, had curly hair, now got an afro. I am not sure if you know him, but sum of the OG's said he is legit, he stays in the city of Oceanside, which had more of a blood population esp. at his High School El Camino, the crips is takin over the "O " now tho, and i seen this nigga chunkem and beat big samoan bloods asses, cuzz is fa sho a rida, but i was wonderin if you heard of him, if notask the niggas you know from the 40's, they might know him, tell them about him ridin on these bloods and pirus in Dago, i am sure they would love to hear about a 40 puttin it down. Also, because that nigga, hasn't been in the set for about 3 yrs, do you think they will remember him or will he have to get put on again? i am jus curious, also i am not on cuzzes nutts, i jus wanted to drop sum information.

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Re: Ridah, Young or Nebody, Do you know this Nigga?

Unread post by Ridah » September 25th, 2003, 4:53 pm

C*zz could be gone for 6 years and still be from the set if hes a rep....My boi said he has heard of that ni99a but he doesnt knoe him personally...I dont knoe I'll tell my boi to ask the 40s about him...He kicks it with them at shaw high...I dont fuck with the 40s like that anymore....its brings back memories of my niggas locked up and passed on from the 4...

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