Discuss Hispanic gangs, Southsiders, Sureños in LOS ANGELES COUNTY ONLY. There are four general geographic categories Hispanic gangs fall into for LA.
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Unread post by Adobo » January 14th, 2014, 12:07 pm

Martinez can you give us sum insight as to the rivalries regarding MV??

We know your barrio is MV killerz but to the average Joe think that all MV get along which is not true. Some of the bloodiest meanest wars are between MVs correct?

Can u break down sum if the rivalries and alliances?


Or you also Lonewof, if ur still reading?? Break it down James Brown.. :mrgreen:

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Unread post by sharkattack » June 8th, 2019, 3:35 am

elOriginalMartinez wrote:
Lonewolf wrote:In 1945 , Maravilla's lower class immigrant population consisted of about thirty-thousand Mexican families living within three square miles , four miles east of the Los Angeles civic center. Maravilla had nine gangs in its territory . Beginning at the eastern edge was "La Kern" . Going west five blocks was "La Ford Cutdowns". Northwest and down the hill on Floral near Eastern was "La Lopez".In the center of Maravilla was "El Hoyo".

Up the hill northwest to Hammel and Brannick was "El Lote". Further up the hill was "La Gerathy", the highest place in the neighborhood , altitude wise."La Rowan" was at the middle ,western edge . Coming around heading southeast , up the hill from "El Hoyo" was "La Marianna", followed by "La Third" which bordered on La Kern. Except for El Lote and El Hoyo , the gangs all bore street names.

La Kern was the largest gang in numbers . El Hoyo was the most notorious .My gang , La Marianna , was divided into groups , by age or behavior. The youngest were the...
i see major mistakes on here

and several other discrepencies

but I'll just give you the three major mistakes ... 3 for the SUR :mrgreen: and I'll let u figure out the other discrepencies:

1. how is possible that he is missing ARIZONA MARA - which is way older that LOTE MV by at least 30 years

2. how is possible that he is missing JUAREZ MARA - which is way older that LOTE MV by at least 30 years

3. and the biggest mistake is Up the hill northwest to Hammel and Brannick was never "El Lote MV" ... DEAD WRONG!

go ahead and take my post over to him at brown kingdome or whever else you're at now
alot of varrios aren't where they originally started. Marianna, ford, white fence, etc, aren't in their original stomping grounds . para que ya no se pelean here it goes. Ford MV originally known as "boys from ford" have been around since 1915. the original Ford grounds were in the heart of MV. where the handball courts are east of the 710 fwy. El Hoyo MV has been around since the 20s. AMV originally Lil Arizona, started in 1960. Juarez MV started in 1957. La Rock MV started in 1969 right under the nose of the larger gang know as "Lomita MV". Lopez MV started in the 40s. now here it goes(drum roll) Lote MV started in 1954. Marianna MV is from the 30's. Lomita MV also started in 1954 in the Mv projects on the foothill side I believe it's Floral Dr . I obtained this information from an old report written by a probation officer studying criminal behaivoir written in 1972-1973. he even included a old map of East L.A. before the freeways were built with the gang territories. white fence was way up by where wabash is at . around Kam or Vickys town. There's lots of info...about 30 pages.. La Kern Maravilla is from 1941. started as a street corner group at first. "only through conflict with a gang-varrio known as El Hoyo MV did they become a fighting gang."Q-VO !

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