Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff the most feared gangster

There is a rich history in our urban streets and many articles and documentaries are discussing these guys. Post your thoughts here about those O/Gs, Veteranos and other historical figures from the past.
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Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff the most feared gangster

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Have anybody heard of "Supreme" a former drug dealer and leader of The Supreme Team. If you dont the movie "New Jack City" Wesley Snipes's character Nino Brown in New Jack City is based on him but in real life he didnt die. On online news article i read they decided him as the mosts feared, baddest, and gangster in United States of his era. Some facts about him-McGriff is alleged to have a hand in the (possibly drug related) murder of Run D.M.C. DJ Jam Master Jay, and the shootings of 50 Cent, a former "employee" of his. He allegedly felt 50 Cent had exposed just a little too much on the kingpin of Jamaica, Queens in his 2002 mixtape song "Ghetto Qua'ran".The Supreme Team was a crack cocaine gang that operated throughout the 1980s in New York City. Their headquarters was in a Jamaica, Queens apartment complex; however they controlled a huge chunk of the entire city itself, including Harlem. The leader was Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and his nephew, Gerald Miller, nicknamed "Prince". In 1989, thanks to the work of a high-ranking informant, the Team was disbanded, and McGriff spent 10 years in a federal prison for a narcotics conviction and was released in late 1900s.

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and he gets out of prison in few months

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