B.O.B. and Big Boi "Double or Nothing" Against The Devil's Cartel

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B.O.B. and Big Boi "Double or Nothing" Against The Devil's Cartel

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March 15, 2013

Being experienced with guns made it easier for B.O.B. to create his latest venture with Big Boi. The two hip-hop artists joined up with Visceral Games of Electronic Arts to develop Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel, a new co-op video game where players get to hunt the ruthless gang lords in Mexico.

Both emcees are long-time fans of video games. B.O.B. previously released the song "Auto Tune" for Grand Theft Auto IV, while Big Boi marveled to Vibe that WalMart customers can now buy all the classics from Atari in a bundle. B.O.B., who experienced being "mocapped" with censors for the first time for their motion capture appearance on the game's trailer, was in high spirits. Except for the awkwardness of being in spandex, he said the rest of the training came naturally. "I'm already experienced with guns myself, so they just had to apply the military technique to my street technique." Big Boi is also familiar with the world of film, notably for his role in Idlewild opposite co-star OutKast, but was still awed by the production value put up by Electronic Arts.

Army of Two's official release date on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is March 26, but pre-orders receive the perk of playing the game as Big Boi and B.O.B.'s Tactical Worldwide Operations (T.W.O.) avatars. Their impressive CGI incarnations can be previewed in the new number "Double or Nothing."

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