Album Release Party w/ Lil' Mouse and King Samson Ends In Shooting

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Album Release Party w/ Lil' Mouse and King Samson Ends In Shooting

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This topic correspond to the post that can be found at ... hooting:By Lora Neng
March 22, 2013

An album release party in the Gresham neighborhood of Chicago was going smoothly until shortly after 1 a.m. yesterday, when shots were fired injuring seven people. A fight had broken out at Mr. G's Entertainment Center and escalated into gunfire.

Six of the injured, , aging in their late teens to mid-thirties, were able to get themselves to hospitals. Police reported that chairs were thrown and security guards heard gun shots from inside the club, which threw the crowd into a panic and spilling out to the streets on 87th and Ashland Ave. Unfortunately the club cameras were not functioning at the time, according to The Chicago Tribune, but detectives are planning to check surveillance footage taken from a phone store across the street.

Rappers Lil' Mouse and King Samson had been performing earlier that night. Lil Mouse caught national attention for his appearance in the video "Get Smoked," where he brandishes a gun at the young age of 13 only this past summer. King Samson tweeted his condolences, "CHICAGO WE GOTTA DO BETTER," echoed by his manager Justin Lewis, "(King Samson) does not promote violence, we fight against violence."

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