Crimes Committed in Rap Video Taken As Real Life Evidence

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Crimes Committed in Rap Video Taken As Real Life Evidence

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March 25, 2013

With the general expectation that rap videos are fictive exaggerations only loosely based on real life, it may come as a surprise, either for audacity or foolishness, that the depictions in a recent CrimeScene Entertainment music video laid out the happenings of an authentic crime. The music video in question is called "The Joy," in which Billboard Biggs and two other mean in ski masks follow a man into a building and rob him at gunpoint then speed away in a Mercedes.

The New York Times reported a string of armed robberies in the Bronx and Westchester County in 2011, perpetrated with the same getaway car shown in the video and under such similar circumstances, that prosecutors were using the scenes depicted as evidence of conspiracy in court.

Georgetown University law professor Paul Butler commented, “As a lawyer I’m appalled,” but “as a student of art history, I’m moved that “these men have made art even when it’s against their penal interest.” He noted, “Hip-hop artists frequently lament that the state’s main intervention for young black men is to lock them up. It’s sad that no other intervention happened to support these young men’s obvious talent.”


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