B-Real: 40 Glocc Breaking "Gangster Code" with Lawsuit

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B-Real: 40 Glocc Breaking "Gangster Code" with Lawsuit

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This topic correspond to the post that can be found at http://www.streetgangs.com/hip-hop/0329 ... lawsuit:By Lora Neng
March 29, 2013

"If you were involved in gangs, you don't fucking talk on your enemy." Cypress Hill's B-Real had that to say, not about snitching, but 40 Glocc's lawsuit against Game. He calls both West Coast rappers his "homies," but taking a beef to court is a disappointment in his book.

“You never hear a rapper from the street aspect like 40 Glocc suing another rapper from the street aspect,” said B-Real to VladTV. “That just doesn’t happen because it kind of defeats the purpose of that code—that 'gangster' code—that we all [abide by]." Then what is an example of exemplary behavior when someone dangles you over a balcony music royalties?

“When Suge Knight allegedly had Vanilla Ice out that fucking window, [Vanilla Ice] didn’t go fucking sue the motherfucker,” said B-Real. “He shut the fuck up. That story may have gotten out here and there, but he ain’t go to no lawsuit for it. He just kept it the way it was and chalked it up to, 'Fuck it. This is what happened. I gotta live with this shit.'" But mostly, B-Real is disappointed on behalf of the youth who look up to artists, and beefing of any kind, including social media, is just "leading kids into that fucking deep ass water."

B-Real himself nearly caused a violent disturbance over the rights to a song with Ice Cube until Mack 10 brought the two together to hash it out. 40 Glocc's lawsuit against Game stems from being jumped by the rapper's entourage for "entertainment purposes," which he felt deserved compensation.

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