Chicago Rap - I Guess I'm An Opp

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Chicago Rap - I Guess I'm An Opp

Unread post by RichTaylor » May 13th, 2014, 11:17 am

Not sure if you guys know of Bo Deal, but he's been around a while. Got his claim to fame on 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday.

If yo urecall, winning 7 weeks in a row on Freestyle Friday won you a record deal. Well Bo won 5 weeks in a row, and was disqualified for saying "Nigga". He comes back on and wins 5 more weeks in a row before losing. BET said fuck it, and payed for a few music video shoots which put him on.

Fast forward and the man is doing tracks with everyone in the Chi, which is a great ting IMO. Howevver here's where it gets odd.

Bo did a track with Chief Keef, and then did a track with P. Rico. Cheif got upset and started calling Bo and opp, which is weird as fuck to me cuz, Keef is a BD and Bo is a Vice Lord....

So wouldnt Keef himself be an opp for making a track with a Lord? Hmmm....

Anywho, Bo ends up making a track called "I'm a Opp", and here it is.

I'm a Opp (Remix)

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