Jay-Z disses the Game

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Unread post by 20_loc » November 12th, 2005, 10:25 pm

Jay z to me is to overated and game but jay z can do a whole cd and aint nobody but really eastcoast niggaz is gonna get.I like what game did the nigga did his westcoast thing and eastcoast but he came on that cd hard.Jay z is straight if he beefin or on some other shit cuz that NY stuff is played out.Jay z and Nas were to hyped up for me cuz jay z was only bumpin from big pimpin til before he brought out the blueprint 2.Nas is some garbage the most bumpin shit out of his mouth was eether.I think jigga gonna c in for a suprise fuccin with game cuz this is somebody totally different on a higher level than Nas.the whose better eastcoast westcoast shit is really comin to an end the south runnin shit know and niggaz gotta get used to it.


Re: Jay-Z disses the Game

Unread post by UmanH-ay » November 17th, 2005, 12:51 am

BlaKK wrote:Jay Z And Game allready Cleard This shyt up. Its done With. Game Said " Jay Z is the greates MC hip hop has ever known, and I respect him"

JZ "it was all a Misunderstanding, I did Say Game in My Flow, Hes name was mentioned But as for me, I can Drop it and I talked to Game, Hes cool about it"

Didnt any of You catch it on 106 and Park on Friday.

Anyone who wants to continue this Thread Is trying bring up bullshyt. Thats already Been Resolved.
rumours suggest this may not be true, as Jay Z does not think greatly of Game's manager Jimmy Henchmen who made a comment that Jay Z will not go after the Game (If this turns out to be true, that is very disapointing)

And to The Fool who said before something About Fat Joe already proving that Jay dont want it with him, thats all shit

By the way things are lookin Fat Joe has been shat on by 50 totally so its looks as though Jay would end his career faster than 50 did with Ja's


Unread post by UmanH-ay » November 17th, 2005, 1:09 am

tysuave wrote:oh and for the record ther aint no other rapper out who's enjoyed the sucees that jay z has no rapper ever has sold out a areana by there self one name jay z youll could say what youll want naz is cool but jay z is better just chec the record sales who has more money as a matter of fact where is naz every one wants to know jay z next move but dont nobody ask about naz and pac killed naz on his diss jay z brought that nigga bac to life but oh yea and last but not least who has more hits thank you now im through oh yea and game dont want it game is doing way to much he's out of bounds now.
i do admire Jay Z's work but its true though, Nas emerged as the more mature MC (anyone who knows Hip hop knows that Nas is Lyrically one of the best street poets) Jay Z may have had the support of all the teenie boppers whilst the battle was on but Nas basically served his ass to him on a plate which Serves Jay right for even thinkin he could take on Nas.
And when you say "wher is Nas" what the hell is you on Fool, After Ether was released on "Stillmatic" nas Came out with more Mad albums such as God favourite and Streets Deciple, he prove Jay wrong

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Unread post by George » November 30th, 2005, 8:54 am

Man, i feel jay zzzzzzzzzzzzz is way overrated. He is the true definition of a commercial rapper.

Say what you say but thats how i feel.

Is it just more does it seem somehow that jay zzzzzzzzzzz has the exact same flow on every song and, that every song basically has the same kind of beat???

if you want to see a real loser male jay zzzzzzzz groupy, go to www.neptune5.com and check out the owner of the site.
He calls himself Cuzz lol even though he aint a Crip.

^^^ if you say ANYTHING negative about jay z or 50 cent "Cuzz" will try to swear at you and insult you. If you fight back, this "Cuzz" guy will start to edit your post and even ban you. He doesn't like differences of opinions. "Cuzz" is a b1tch made sucker who thinks he has power by running a website where he dominates by editing other peoples post lol.

Its funny though, seems as if every jay zzzzz fan i ever met cannot accept the fact not everyone likes their Hova jigga lol.
If someone came up to me and told me they hated the artist i listen to, i'd respect their opinion and move on but, these jay zzzzzzzz fans defend him like he is some kind of a god. Most of them probably never even met jay zzzzzzz face to face lol.

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Unread post by George » November 30th, 2005, 8:55 am

p.s i think www.neptune5.com is a Canadian based site. ^^^

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