Ratio of Hispanic Inmates to Black Inmates in The CDC

There are many that believe California's Prison Rehabilitation System and other systems around the world have more sinister purpose outside of incarceration. Discuss prison topics here in California, throughout the United States and Internationally.
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Re: Ratio of Hispanic Inmates to Black Inmates in The CDC

Unread postby silentwssj » April 13th, 2014, 3:15 pm

I couldn't agree more! We have experience that can not be replicated. When I write all of my thoughts are from a gang members point of view! When LE writes they are just stating facts from an outsiders neutral point of view. There is a lot to all of this. It is not as Black and White as they would have everyone believe! We are people to and we have emotions and reasons for everything that we do! Honestly, I think that prison gangs are simply coping mechanisms for people that society has thrown away! We might have our petty differences with one another, but we all know who the real enemy is! I know of first hand accounts of enemies coming together to fight off the BS that was being dished out to the convicts! The reason that this stuff happens is because of in-humane treatment of the prison population! The example that I am thinking of was in Corcoran. I had a celli that was involved with the staged fights that went down there. He told me that after a while they all turned on the guards because they knew that they were just a pawn in there chess game. Imagine having to go out and fight your enemy on a constant basis. Not because it is what you wanted to do, but because it is what they set you up to do! I do believe in being accountable for your actions. I also believe that we are just pawns in a game that is bigger than us! If people were sent to rehab instead of prison we would have never got to the point where we are now! The 3 strikes law is a joke as well! All it has accomplished is the swelling of the prison population! Sure some people need a life sentence, but the judge should be able to make that determination on a case by case basis! Anyhow, I do enjoy these LE books because they are from a different point of view. Just remember to take in everything with a grain of salt! Good Science explores all scenarios, not just one angle of a complex story! If a book is thorough it will have input from all involved parties, not just one! Just some random thoughts to make everyone out there think! I could write a book. It wouldn't mean that it is all true. It would just mean that it is from my point of view! I am sure that someone from the other side would view the same details through a different set of eyes. Same thing with LE, they view our lives through their own unique vantage point! They can never give us first hand accounts, or tell us why things happen. But, they can keep records and accurate histories of who is who and what happened on what dates, times and places! It is all just another piece of a bigger puzzle! My advice is take it all in and add it to your larger collection of knowledge! Peace out homeboy! I got to go to work now! I will check back in next weekend. Silent!

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Re: Ratio of Hispanic Inmates to Black Inmates in The CDC

Unread postby bumperjack » April 13th, 2014, 4:19 pm

Your well read my friend, and its not ever to be replicated true, I also write from a gang members point of veiw and LE only writes from a outsisers and neutral point true,Thats what kinda burns me up is there so damn book smart and history buffs, they miss alot of real points, they have an idea, but alot of times there not even close,and its like really why should I listen to you active non active,I rather listen to dropout accounts and yes even debriefing they have to have validity in most of there statements(mosts)They paint it black and white because they dont have the real insight of a inside playe,r I dont care how many you talk to 'dropouts" you cant re-live there experiences,I will agree about prison gangs,society has thrown them away coping mechanisms to some degree,I was invovled in both street gangs and prison gangs for along time homie even been on gangland, have some clips my nephew has got them archived!!!But that mentality will always be there are we wiser and smarter now and see the whole picture of course see silent I will go to the grave with what I know, and will never tell all, Its not in my make up, there is no honor among Thieves,It comes from within having Honor,dignity and respecting yourself to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong,the 3 strikes law was enacted because of Richard Allen Davis the guy that Kidnapped and murdered Polly klass a petaluma little 10 or 11 year old little girl,It is a joke of a law for sure,yes I will take your advice and filter everything and take it with a grain of salt you are right,Im only new to networking Im a triple O.G to the game take care be square and Ill talk to you again soon my friend and networking buff peace out to you untill next thread...Bumperjack

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