Met a white guy (kid really) who is a child of the system

There are many that believe California's Prison Rehabilitation System and other systems around the world have more sinister purpose outside of incarceration. Discuss prison topics here in California, throughout the United States and Internationally.
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Re: Met a white guy (kid really) who is a child of the syste

Unread post by Samson28 » April 23rd, 2014, 12:39 pm

This is where Speaker is right now at 20 years old and has to deal with: ... rse/58100/

"Man Who Spent Time In an Iranian Prison Thinks California's Are Worse

If you're going to do a deep investigative story on the horrors of prison confinement why not ask someone who has some experience being locked up in terrifying conditions? Shane Bauer was one of three American hikers who was arrested in Iran after the crossing over the border from Iraq in 2009. He spent 26 months in Tehran's Evin Prison, the first four of them in solitary confinement. He wasn't given a lawyer, a trial, or even an idea what he was supposedly guilty of.

After finally being released last year, he began working for Mother Jones on an investigation into the treatment of inmates in the California penal system, where the use of solitary confinement has become part of a system-wide effort to control inmate violence. After seeing the conditions that prisoners have to live with, Bauer found the difference between the two countries was not as great as you might think. While he admits that he can't directly compare his experience in Iran to that of a convicted criminal in the U.S., in some ways, the plight of those in California's Security Housing Unit (SHU) is much, much worse..."

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