German Crime Land finally published

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German Crime Land finally published

Unread post by HungryWolf » December 30th, 2010, 8:08 am

Hi out there!

I good friend of mine finally released his German book called "Crime Land". It contains a lot of information about prison gangs, street life and the gang culture plus the American Me Story of the eMe. It is the only German book which describes the American gang culture in a detailed view a gives much information about historical events such as the Shoe-Wars in the prison system, situation of black gangs in Chicago, white prison gangs in California and the influence of the Mexican drug cartels to the USA. Again, there is no such book in German, so get busy for it.

For the German folks in here:
Mein Freund Dennis hat nach ca. einem Jahr Arbeit sein Buch "Crime Land" veröffentlicht, das jetzt in allen gängigen Online-Buchläden zu haben ist. "Crime Land" beschreibt in einer bisher nie the gewesenen Art sehr detailiert die Kultur der amerikanischen Gangs und beleuchtet dabei alle Aspekte. Beispielsweise die Gefängnis-Gangs, die Entstehung der Surenos und Nortenos, die Geschichte der Bloods und Crips, then Einfluss der mexikanischen Drogenkartelle und beleuchtet then Gangster-Epos-Film "Blood in, Blood out" als die Entstehungsgeschichte der Mexican Mafia.

You can visit my friend Dennis Bauers on facebook as well or order his book in the usual online stores.

Thank you, lads!
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