Skinhead Gangs

These concepts are socially constructed and have been given much weight. What are your thoughts?
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Re: Skinhead Gangs

Unread post by andrew » April 20th, 2012, 12:55 am

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Unread post by matterInI » March 20th, 2013, 8:49 am

jae wrote:
shadow wrote:^they are racist skinheads, not to be confused with the non racists
first thing that comes to mind when i hear "skinhead" is racism, plain and simple. i know some dont consider themselves to be racist but why put on the clothes, call yourselves the same name, and expect people to look at you like your something different? Stay away from that if thats not what you are, is all i'm saying, because when i see some, i wont stop to ask which kind of skinhead they are, it wont matter....
dude before you make a comment like ths
Try doing some research instead of just watching tv . The original skinheads were actually influenced by jamaican rude boy culture. Many rude boys also wore boots too. The Skinhead was a working class mod type that that listen to raggae and cropped their hair for 3 reasons , working , fighting, also to emulate the way many afro carrbeans looked at the time with close cropped hair and the lined up side burns and parts in their hair. There were even black skinheads earlier on. And although both (balck and white harrassed pakistani immigrants at times they weren't known to be on some politcially racist nazi stuff until the late 70s keep in mind there were still skinheads that even opposed racist groups like the british national party and the national front earlier on. Bands like sham 69 even broke up because of that nazi bs. Even when it hit america there were more punks that shaved their heads . Unfortunatley many americans got it wrong because of media bs. And now everyone thinks every skin is a nazi which wasn't even the case in the beginning. I will say most skinheads are gangsters in the way they roll ( its hard toto find an independent skin). But there are lots of traditional skinheads of all races too . They are not new . Black skinheads have been around since the 60s . Even the first form of raggae was called skinhead raggae and black people played this mjusic too. There's even an interview with a jamaican aritst of that time who talked about a skinhead ready to bash some guy up for the guy. Gy calling the jamaican artist the n word. And even today there are skinheads of all different backgrounds , so please don't be ignorent on this subject. Do some reasearch instead of believing what u hear or see in the media all the time. Many traditional skins don't even consider nazis skinheads at all because without jamaican west indian culture there would be no skiinhead that was the origins . The look itself is comprised of jamaican and engliish culture . And talk about a statement even for that time in the 60s of blackand white youth being together in public

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