Milpitas:Police report details brutal gang killings

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Milpitas:Police report details brutal gang killings

Unread post by Christina Marie » December 22nd, 2005, 6:20 pm

Article Last Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2005 - 3:07:04 PM PST

Police report details brutal gang killings
By Ian Bauer

Suspect Nuuelua Sofari

A feud between rival gang members may have sparked the violent beating and shooting that killed two San Jose men in the parking lot of The Palms Grill and Bar just before midnight Dec. 10, Milpitas Police Department reports state.

The shooting left Trevor Adrian De Voe, 24, of San Jose, dead at the scene. Irwin Lorenzo Dillon II, 20, of San Jose, was mortally wounded.

It is not clear what the victims' connection was to the deadly incident. Dillon's family members maintain he was not connected to gangs.

Three men are being charged with the double murders Milpitas' first homicides in two years.

Police arrested Nuuelua Sofara, 19, of Santa Clara, and his 16-year-old brother, Fealofai Sofara, of Santa Clara, on suspicion of the shootings.

Nuuelua Sofara was arrested in Santa Clara and booked into Santa Clara County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and homicide.

Fealofai Sofara was also arrested in Santa Clara and booked into juvenile hall on homicide charges.

The Sofara brothers were arraigned in court last week on two counts of homicide.

Because of the nature of the offenses, 16-year-old Fealofai Sofara was being charged as an adult, according to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Ben Field.

The defendants were scheduled to enter their pleas in court Wednesday, Field said.

Milpitas police are pursuing another suspect connected to the shootings.

Police have a warrant for the arrest of Michael Fuatau Maae Eti, 22, of Santa Clara. Eti also faces murder charges.

An affidavit from Milpitas Police Department spells out the initial police arrival on scene at The Palms, 1380 S. Main St.

Once there, officers found De Voe lying on the ground. De Voe was pronounced dead.

Nearby, Dillon was found in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to his head. He was transported to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries. Medical staff determined Dillon had no brain activity.

Dillon remained on life support for more than two days, but was removed from life support and died Dec 13.

Police interviewed bystanders, a suspect as well as a third surviving victim in an attempt to piece together the fatal attacks.

Milpitas police Sgt. Joe Candelaria, lead investigator in the case, wrote in his report, "During the course of my investigation, I had cause to arrest Fealofai Sofara and Nuuelua Sofara for participating in the murders of De Voe and Dillon. Fealofai Sofara is believed to have fired the shot(s) that killed De Voe and Nuuelua Sofara is believed to have kicked and hit De Voe as he lay unconscious on the pavement just before he was shot."

The Santa Clara County Coroner's Office determined De Voe suffered gunshot wounds to his chin, upper chest, left shoulder blade and left hip. Two spent rounds retrieved from De Voe's body were considered to be either 9-mm or from a .40-caliber gun, police reports state.

During an interview, police said one woman witnessed a group of Samoan men fighting with De Voe.

The report states, "(The witness) then saw Nuuelua Sofara run up to De Voe who was unconscious and was being assaulted. (She) then saw Nuuelua Sofara run up to De Voe who was unconscious and kick and hit De Voe while he was still on the pavement unconscious.

"(The witness) saw Fealofai Sofara standing next to De Voe while he was down between cars. (She) heard Tila Sofara, sister of Fealofai Sofara say, 'Fai, put the gun down, Fai put the gun down.'"

Reports state the witness knew Fealofai Sofara, who is also known as Fai.

The witness said she heard five to seven gunshots and saw Fealofai Sofara standing over De Voe. However, her view was obstructed, and she did not see Fealofai Sofara with a gun in his hand, the report states.

Police reports maintain the same witness saw the third suspect, Eti, also involved with violence at the scene. She observed Eti shooting a gun in the air in a different part of the parking lot, reports state.

Police interviewed a second woman who said she had been sitting in her car at the parking lot during the incident. That witness said she saw Eti holding a silver-colored handgun.

Police also interviewed a third victim of the attack.

Sgt. Candelaria wrote that the third male victim who survived "was in the front parking lot of Pacific Palms when several Samoan males assaulted him.

"(The victim) heard seven to 10 gunshots from the area where De Voe had fallen. There were five shots in quick order and then three to five shots that were much slower. (The victim) saw a subject wearing a white T-shirt...jumping up and down and flailing his arms. (The victim) heard this subject say, 'let those ni--ers lay there and die.' (The victim) said the subject in the white T-shirt was 30 to 40 feet away and he could not see his face."

Police also interviewed suspect Fealofai Sofara after his arrest. The suspect allegedly told police the shooting involved a rival Bay Area gang.

Sgt. Candelaria wrote, "Fealofai Sofara said the following: On Dec. 9, Tongan gang members from Redwood City came to San Jose and 'shot up' the neighborhood. Fealofai Sofara said there was concern between he and fellow Samoan friends that the Tongans would show up at the party at the Pacific Palms on Dec. 10.

"Fealofai Sofara said he met with friends at a park in San Jose on the afternoon of Dec. 10. At this meeting, there were approximately 30 people. There were guns exchanged at this meeting and it was decided that members of this group would carry guns at the Pacific Palms to protect themselves against the Tongans."

Stating he was inside the restaurant when the first shots were fired, Fealofai Sofara denied his involvement in the shooting to police.

"He denied shooting anyone," Sgt. Candelaria wrote. "Fealofai admitted to walking out and observed a victim down on the pavement between parked vehicles. Fealofai grabbed the victim by his shirt, lifted him and noticed he was shot. Fealofai said he put the victim back down on the pavement, took off his shirt and was yelling unknown words at friends and family. Fealofai said he left immediately after that."

"Not a thug"

Irwin Dillon II was a man who was described as a person who truly cared about his family and his friends.

"He was always helping and always smiling," a family spokesperson said.

Wishing to remain anonymous, the spokesperson said Dillon was not connected to gang activity. She went on to describe him as loving, kind and generous.

"I have two daughters; he would be their constant older brother," she said.

She added, however, that recent media reports concerning Dillon, and victim De Voe's past criminal history including time at Elmwood Correctional Facility for a robbery conviction tended to portray Dillon as someone he was not.

"The stories seem to say they were two ex cons or thugs who just got killed, and that's not the case," she added.

The woman said Dillon did go to The Palms that night with De Voe to attend a party.

"He was there with two friends and a girlfriend of one of those friends," she said, adding she did not know how the violence erupted.

Dillon's family said he was focused on his academic achievements at Stockton's San Joaquin Delta College, and the church activities he undertook as a member of San Jose's Emmanuel Baptist Church.

In his younger days, Dillon attended youth choir, and took part in Sunday school.

Dillon even took time out to work on the anti-gang and violence program, "Stop the Violence."

Dillon, known as "Dudie" by his family from a name given to him by his older sister, was also considered an outstanding student of mathematics.

"Dudie had a GPA of 4.0, but it dropped to 3.8," she said. She added Dillon was the recipient of a $9,000 grant from the Mathematics, Engineering, & Science Association. Dillon planned to continue his education, applying to another college in Long Beach.

"That's not the average behavior of a thug," the woman said.

She said she did not know how or why Dillon, De Voe and the other man with them were attacked. She added she knew that Milpitas police reports said the attack may have been started by rival Samoan and Tongan gangs.

"Irwin and Trevor were not Samoan or Tongan; they were African-American," she said. "Even Ray Charles wouldn't mistake Irwin for a Samoan or Tongan."

Prayer vigils for Dillon were held earlier this week at his church, Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Jose.

Dillon's funeral service was held at the church Wednesday. ... 40,00.html

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