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Unread post by sd30619540 » December 16th, 2008, 9:17 am

Can someone tell me the difference between all the Logan cliques?Who's the deepest....etc.

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What city do you live in now?: Dago
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Unread post by yardstick » May 14th, 2009, 12:38 am

-Logan Red Steps (LRS, LHRS, RSLS, 1819)-oldest of the newer generation Logan gangs..has a click called Chicano Park Boys
Cliams all of Barrio Logan and Logan Heights and up to 28th Street
-Logan 26th ST Luckies (LH26, 26LKS, LHLKS, C26LS)-inative since the early 80's
territory was around Commercial and 26th-used to beef with Red Steps on and off. I think they were shut down by RS.
-Logan 30th ST (LH30, 30TA, C30LS)..has two clicks (maybe more): Clay Block Siders and Memorial Park Boys
Claims from 28th to 32nd (mostly the Memorial Neighborhood that is adjacent to logan Heights)
-Logan 32nd ST (LH32, C32LS)-inactive since late 80's
Territory was around Oceanview BLVD and 32nd ST
-Logan 33rd ST (LH33, C33LS)
Claims from 32nd ST to I-15
-Logan 35 ST (LH35, C35LS)-inactive since the early 80's
Territory was around Wabash and 35thST (before the freeway was constructed). Shut down by Shelltown 36thST (inactive now). Was a small gang that started up without the blessing from 30TA and RS...so I think they didn't get along too well with RS or 30TA.
-Logan 13 (LH13)
I think they are spread out through Barrio logan, Logan Heights, and Memorial.

30th is probably the deepest right now. It probably used to be the Red Steps before they got slapped by an injunction. 33rd is probably the smallest. I think LH13 was started up by "nomads" that uses to live all over the Logan area neighborhoods. Anyway, RS and 30TA used to beef when 30TA came around (in the 70's?). Then they became allies. All Logan gangs now get along now, so the boundries I mentioned might not set in stone.

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