Hope this makes you laugh....

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Hope this makes you laugh....

Unread post by SHOOTER » March 20th, 2010, 5:59 pm

As a plane is losing power, a pilot comes over the intercom & says
"Sorry it had to come to this folks, but we've already let the luggage go & the
plane continues to lose speed , I hate to have to do this, but now we're
gonna have to start releasing passengers by "alphabetical order",
beginning with the letter "A" of course... So are there AFRICANS? ANY
AFRICANS"?...No one answers.... "Ok now "B"... BLACK PEOPLE…. ANY BLACK PEOPLE"? Again,
silence. " "C" COLORED PEOPLE, ANY COLORED PEOPLE"? Silence. A black
child turns to his mother & asks "Mom, aren't we African American, Black and
Colored"? His mother turns to him and says "Honey TODAY we’re NIGGAS", let
Dem Mexicans go FIRST!". So the little black boy turns to the little mexican
kid sitting next to him and laughs! The mexican kid laughs back & says "I'm a
WETBACK, so get ready 2 jump my Nigga!!”

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