805 Central Coast Califas

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805 Central Coast Califas

Unread postby Mexican:.805 » March 28th, 2010, 9:02 am

The Central Coast is basically northern Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County.


West Park Locos - 2nd oldest Varrio, consists mostly of First Generation Mexicans Bangers. Seems like they are putting in the most work as of late, probably deepest hood.

Evans Park Northwest - Original Barrio of Santa Maria. Mostly consists of second and third generation bangers (as in there parents were from the gang) Mostly Chicanos as opposed to Westpark (mexican nationals) Debatable as to whether it is biggest Varrio in Santa Maria, as Westpark and Northwest are similar in numbers and are rivals.

WLC aka Westland Click - More like a crew then a gang. Started by some high school kids a couple years ago. Let anyone join regardless of race or skin color. More like a fad probably won't be active very long, not really a factor.

BFG Crips - something like Future Connect Crips. Not very deep as there is only a small black population in Santa Maria.

Outta Control Surenos aka OCS - small gang, not much of factor probably not even active

Fully Brown Insane - small gang, similar to OCS not much members or very active


Varrio Lamparas Primera aka Westside VLP - pretty much Run Lompoc. Original Lompoc Varrio, pretty deep and active.

Southside Lompoc - main rivalry is VLP, also known as Southside Lokotes, not that deep

Brims - Lompoc Blood gang, not quite sure what they call themesleves but they are Brims.


Nipas 13 - Originally called Price Street Locos, only hood in Nipomo main rivalry in OCeano 13

Oceano 13- only barrio in Oceano,

Guadalupe - a couple little varrios but the same gang, 11th St Projects, Krazy G boys, BTP aka Barrio Treasure Parque

San Luis Obispo - STC aka Slo Town Click - not a real active barrio,

Paso Robles 13 - only barrio in Paso, they drive up to King County and put in work on NOrte's up there. Have a couple klicks out of state, PAso Robles Boys in ORegon.

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Re: 805 Central Coast Califas

Unread postby Adillero » May 27th, 2018, 2:51 pm

In which gang are T-Dre, Delux and DJ Dominator?

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