Proud to be Polak

The motorcycle and car club scene in Southern Cal is growing and has globalized in recent years. They are not gangs, but many former gang members have got into them.
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Proud to be Polak

Unread postby Samson28 » April 2nd, 2013, 8:13 pm

This is just the Polak Way:

EVen on foreign turf we can burn an entire city down if we want to. Heck even the CHechens, Ukrainians and ALbanians probably fear Polaks. Also, the second vid only really gets interesting from 5: 30 when the Polaks group together and start going against the cops in an organized fashion. Polaks can even beat Mexican bangers when it comes to mayhem and street. We would probably even do this in south central L.A and take on the blacks in the Rodney King riots or join them. Thats the Polak way.

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