Hundreds of Macedonian and Greek hooligans clash in Melbourn

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Hundreds of Macedonian and Greek hooligans clash in Melbourn

Unread post by razbojnik » March 19th, 2009, 10:15 am

It was the eve before the big clash, Preston Makedonia & South Melbourne Hellas ,there was only days left before they met for the 1st time in competition for 12 years. Tension was building up, words were exchanged over the cyber world. But one man had an idea, an idea that could possible cause an international incident and as well it did. Tucked away
In Suburban Melbourne that little man, in his own little backyard, did something that would change the face of the world,

That Saturday he went on his way to Preston Markets and purchased one Greek Flag,
on his way back home he droped off past Bunnings Warehouse and bought Red & yellow Fabric Paint, that night he showed all his friends, what he created and what he
would show to the world come sunday night at Bob Jane Stadium,

The big night had arrived a contingent of 2 busloads from Sydney had arrived from to Melbourne , Macedonians from Melbourne and Sydney were together once again, as they drank up and shared football stories.

As the Preston Makedonia fans traveled down to BJS (Bob Jane Stadium), Macedonian chants were shouted and Anti Greek Chants were sung, made there way to there designated area, the tensions started already, MAKEDONIA and ELLAS were changed back and forward by both sets of fans.

It was time, the people were ready , it was out the , Greek Flag in Macedonian Colors, the whole Stadium had silenced like some1 just pressed pause, the greeks were furious, they tried to ran over to us but tripped over a 50cm Barricade “haahhaha dickheads” The Macedonians ran over but there was no were to go Police with Mace and Horses were about and stood infront of you, the fans exchanged bottles,flares,darts and coins.

This was the day the Neo-Macedonian Flag made its appearance, it made the news all over the world, it made newspapers in Australia,Greece,Canada and Macedonia.





Macedonian and Greek hooligans caused incidents in Melbourne
by Damir Jovanovic

Despite the fact that they have moved out of their original countries in seek for a more peaceful environment, seems like violence simply follows the peoples from Balkan states. In Melbourne after the final whistle on a match between Preston Lions and South Melbourne, the supporters of the two "opponents" Macedonian and Greek immigrants have started up a fight, which resulted in several hundred people fighting all over the stadium.

As Preston Lions have won the match 1:0 the Macedonian immigrants who support this club have run out on the field in the sign of celebration, but then the frustrated South Melbourne fans who are 99% of Greek origin, have pulled out their axe of war and caused incidents that resulted in over 400 people fighting and embarrassing their clubs and also their very national dignity.

In the clashes, four policemen were injured, but the Melbourne Police Department decided to arrest just two hooligans as they believe that further arrest would have resulted in whole 9,000 fans present at the stadium engaging in the incidents, which would probably end up with someone getting killed.


- South Melbourne $20,000 fine
- Preston $17,000 fine
- Both clubs to lose 3 points each
- For the next 2 years, South Melbourne-Preston fixtures will be played in front of members only


I know this topic is nearly dead but I saw it and thought ide share this experience.

Firstly I thought whole epsisode was a farce. I had no idea about that Greek flag turned yellow. As if that wouldnt spite people.

I was actually at work the following day when I found out. I dont live in Melbourne so thats why I dindnt know sooner. One young Italian guy I worked with walked in and started raving proudly about how "Greeks got smashed" and all this other stuff. What made this feel so bad was that I actually work with a whole bunch of much older Skops (Ill call them that, but they were always quite good to me). We all just sat there looking at the Italian and I HONESTLY felt like breaking his face.

What surprised me was the reaction of the older guys (Skops), who actually felt the same way and wanted to bounce him too.


No they probably would've jumped on the side of the Italian and beat your ass down you dumb fuck.

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Re: Hundreds of Macedonian and Greek hooligans clash in Melb

Unread post by IllyroPelasgian » July 4th, 2011, 4:47 am



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