Nightclub mafia retaliation

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Nightclub mafia retaliation

Unread post by VsichkoEBosh » February 20th, 2010, 8:55 pm


This is a retaliation against the security guards of the Process Nightclub in Skopje, Macedonia where 3 police officers were beaten by the security guards. 20 masked men with metal pipes fuck everything up and several small fights break out afterwards as everything is getting cleaned up.


As a way to ruin the club's reputation? To send a message? Both the club and these guys have backup so believe it or not the whole fucking riot ends up being for show and entertainment.

Don't mind the word 'police'. The 3 police officers that were beaten were members of a special civilian unit of the Macedonian police forces called the Alfi. They have special tasks where regular Macedonian police officers don't have time to waste. For one, they don't follow any certain police protocol, book or rules even though they can get sued for police brutality but it's just the way they operate - even though they get sued all the time nothing usually turns out but law enforcement enforcing people's silence if they want to be too loud. I've had friends that have gotten beat down by these guys and then I've had friends that beat down these guys. They basically street fight with criminals and they are criminals themselves. They have strong connections to organized crime groups but those connections can easily become loose and sloppy if they fuck with somebody they shouldn't because alot of regular folks and punks alike have stronger connections to their colleagues in the ministry of interior as well as local mafia bosses.

When one of my friends got beat, his dad being one of those guys connected in the underworld pretty much called his friend and said who is this punk that beat down my son I'm gonna fucking put that son of a bitch in a fucking wheelchair...

So he did...

I just wonder what the NPO's thought of this rofl..

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