Singelic Aracinovo under police siege, arrested a dozen peop

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Singelic Aracinovo under police siege, arrested a dozen peop

Unread post by Dobre » April 1st, 2013, 6:59 am

Dozens of people were arrested, and seized about 350 kilograms of marijuana in the police actions that morning conducted in Skopje villages Aracinovo Singelic. As we learn, the drug was again seized Medzitlija BCP.


According to sources from the Ministry of Interior, the action is still in progress.

Police still do not announce details of the operation except that it is a continuation of the action Conductor break organized drug trafficking network in the cities of Vienna and Frankfurt, which began in 2010 in Austria and Germany. In stock Conductor far more arrests were carried out in Austria, Germany and Macedonia where freedom were deprived about 400 people of which 29 Macedonian citizens. In this country the case is known as the "Frankfurt Mafia", Skopje Basic Court in June last year imposed prison sentences of 29 - Macedonians involved in drug smuggling in Germany and Austria. Highest penalty was imposed Spase Dimovski known as haiduc that was considered a leader of the so-called Frankfurt mafia. He was sentenced to 13 year imprisonment. His son Tome Dimovski got ten years in prison, and Zoran Manaskov known as broken, was sentenced to eleven years in prison. The remaining defendants received lesser sentences.

Ministry of Interior announced that during tomorrow will come up with more details and information. ... mi-droga27

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