Who is the godfather of Monster, Detonator, Mountain Storm?

In this section discuss Albania [Shqipërisë], Bulgaria [България], Croatia, Macedonia [Македонија, Makedonija] and Russia [Федерация, Rossiyskaya] including any other place on the Eastern European continent.
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Who is the godfather of Monster, Detonator, Mountain Storm?

Unread post by Dobre » April 1st, 2013, 7:30 am

The Macedonian mafia works in similar ways to the Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Albanian mafias. The mafia controls the state and there is an extremely sophisticated number of operations of all sorts - financial warfare, psychological warfare and even direct shootings and bombings from time to time. Russia's highest ranking politicians, as well as those of Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo are gangsters - this is NOT a secret. It's no secret that 90 percent of rich people in the United States - one of a few country where a person has a genuine chance of actually getting rich in an honest manner - cheat on their taxes and engage in other sorts of shady financial activity - or have in order to get rich....

It's no secret. But in places like Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and so fourth - the people are like criminals, they're dark, you can feel it in the air - so there's no such thing as a clean politician or businessman. Regular civilians have a hard time with eachother, let alone the sharks - the toughest of the bunch - who actually go far as to bomb the crap out of eachother...

You get the point. Hard places to live..

So...usually in places like this - as with the case of Putin and Berezovski and that secret agent who died of radiation poisoning, high ranking politicians are usually pawns of even wealthier and more powerful phantoms that pull their strings. Putin isn't the boss, there's an entire organization standing behind him - and the scary part is modern day organized crime is transforming into something of a James Bond movie - it's not just street thugs anymore like the Italian American mafia of the 1920s and 1930s where there were as much gangsters as there are members of street gangs in America in 2013.

The most intelligent pawn is usually appointed to a position of an intelligence chief - the real "king" of a country. The prime minister and president are also pawns...

There's often word that it's usually this intelligence chief who pulls the strings on the Macedonian prime minister and president - but in actuality here we have a situation that goes even further than simply that - it's a group standing in the shadows pulling the strings on the intelligence chief while unofficially people speculate that the intelligence chief is the only real and actual boss that pulls the strings on everybody else.


The people who do this will NEVER be in the spotlight. They'll die unknown. Luckily, I know who some of them are personally and I can say they're always that classic cliched story of what that would be - a person that might seem moderately wealthy or not even wealthy at all - walks like a peasant, dresses like a peasant, talks like a peasant - but definetly not a peasant. One of those random people you pass by on the street everyday that looks like a completely normal person, lives in an honest apartment somewhere in the city, drives a Toyota from 2005 but has billions of dollars in a bank account.

See, in bigger states like Russia, China and the US it's more of an advances science and art than just organized crime. You have a system which can be tweaked to your needs and wants through votes passed through a legal system headed and administred by a body like congress who is in your pocket, all to make it seem like it's not corruption in it's direct form. As the European Union did what Hitler couldn't - unite all of Europe under one governing body - the illusion of separate governments within the European Union is nonsense and it's economic warfare instead of direct conventional warfare - why not create a Eurozone that will be headed by US interests and put economic sanctions in the form of trade restrictions on countries who are not in the zone. Eventually the wealth of the country starts to decline - as with former Yugoslav states - and Yugoslavia used to be one of the most prosperous countries in the world during the Cold War - high standard, high salaries and low prices. You could sleep with a bag of money under your head on a bench somewhere in the streets in a big city and not get robbed. This...followed by increasing crime rates, old criminal class become upper class and new young classes breed more street thugs with every new generation... Eventually the country succumbs to an organization of government, legal system and financial system similar to that of European Union countries and for the reason of betterment - "economic prosperity" - they change everything - from culture to language and whatnot..

Or maybe not as intriquete as it seems...

Still, there's plenty of documented accounts of entire regiments of Spetsnaz soldiers raiding buildings in downtown Moscow in order to formulate a 'hostile corporate takeover', a sort of Russian mafia scare tactic into getting you to sign your entire business in the name of the person that it's supposed to be signed.

Same as using state security forces to take down rival or problematic bosses..


Who is the godfather of the monster, detonators, Campaign, Mountain Storm?
"Monster", "detonator," Eraser "," Mountain Storm "," Snake Eye ", policing spectacular on the way they were carried out, and under the codename under which all gather police information in the investigation. Does MI godfather (or team of godfathers) which is charged with figuring out the proper name, code, with every major police operation?


Interior Ministry has charged a man would osmisluval names of police actions. Their names come through the criminal processing of a particular case and on the basis of the crime under investigation, "said Ivo Kotevski, assistant minister for Public Relations in the Ministry of Interior.

Names "Phalanx", "Metastasis", "Snake Eye", "Spider Web", "Boomerang", "Ashes", confirm that they really are the product of the investigation of crimes, but it is obvious that very carefully selected. Striking is konspirativnosta (Snake Eye, Ash, wiper, Boomerang), which, as they say in MI, is important in the choice of the name to preserve confidentiality of information prior to their publication in the public. Who could have thought that under the "Snake Eye" will gather all the information related to abuse and crime toll ramps. In this action were arrested even seventy suspects toll ramps in the country. Short but effective names of police actions, as our sources say, have a very practical purpose: to facilitate the work of the operating team for all the information and thus many details in the implementation of the investigation procedure goes to only one location. No aggregate figure for police actions implemented in recent years, yet reactions and great public attention attracted dozen of them, mostly because of the way they were carried out, but also because the final results although the police catch some action was challenged before the courts :

"Monster," one of the most comprehensive and most complex policing, involving, as it informs the Ministry of Interior, 800 policemen. 20 people were arrested, including the radical Islamists and terrorists associated with murder petkratnoto in Железарско Lake in Skopje. "Monster" is currently targeted search for allyl Demiri and Afrim Ismailovikj both suspected of brutal murders Maundy Thursday near the lake in Smiljkovci who are on the run, and that according to the latest police information are located in Kosovo.


olice action "detonator" for an extended period of time monitor and collect information (about two years), began in Kocani, where they were arrested more than 20 people suspected of serious crimes - extortion, racketeering, blackmail, usury, drug trafficking and arms. Police action continued in several cities in the country, Vinica Kriva Stip, Struga, Kumanovo ... "Detonator", which followed a number of dismissals of police officers, it is still active. The latest is that the Interior Ministry announces new dismisses the police station in Stip, where it was downloaded and the first person of Stip police Kashirski.

MI surgery "Kaldrma" brought a total of 87 people, most inkasanti toll ramps. Organizers of the group, according to information from the police, had been head of the collection in "Makedonija Pat" and their deputies. Group, as claimed MI, had a well-planned scheme of work. Deployment inkasantite cooperated peak tolls until making counterfeit receipts.

"Metastasis" after a year of investigative activities were detained more than 30 people who took bribes to allow disability pensions. Detained were specialists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, orthopedic, doctors, members of the primary and secondary committee for granting disability pensions. Interior Ministry registered 57 cases made misuse of the issue of pensions.


In action "Spider Web" were arrested the owner of A1-TV said Ramkovski members his family, managers of firms Pero Nakov for financial crime difficult over 5 million. Crime, as claimed by the Ministry of Interior, and later prosecution, were involved 16 domestic and 10 foreign companies. Is where the name of the action, "Spider Web".

"Phalanx", police action against illegal diggers archaeological objects that were caught twenty-three persons, revealed valuable stolen artifacts found in the homes of the 48 detained. Collection of illegal diggers, as revealed police team, comprising three thousand coins, 20 figurines, 160 pieces in chronological framework of the 8th century BC until 12 AD. Among the detainees were found topographic maps, numismatic books, specialty magazines that have helped in identifying the thieves discovered objects. Most detainees were from the south-eastern part of Macedonia.

"Conductor" is the action in which they were detained five Veles suspected of organizing people who then hawking drugs in Frankfurt and Vienna, to the public known as the Frankfurt Mafia. The action was extended in Skopje, Sveti Nikole and Gevgelija, and 29 people were arrested. Macedonian "Conductor" was conducted in cooperation with the police in Germany and Austria.

"Eraser" put into custody 33 people, including 17 police officers, officers of the inspection team and crime-technicians. MI this action called "Eraser" because in it were arrested persons who were suspected of having made false statements for alleged car accidents for the payment of compensation from insurance companies. According to the MOI collected in "Eraser" 13 fake car accidents insurance companies paid 2 million.

Massive Action "Snake Eye", which was conducted among employees of tolls in Skopje, Veles, Kumanovo and Tetovo in autumn 2007, were arrested police and customs officers and border with neighboring countries. Just in one day in this action were detained 70 suspects.


"Campaign" was caught Boskoski, leader of United for Macedonia, because of the abuse of power and authority and abuse of EUR 130,000, money to fund the election campaign for early parliamentary elections in 2011.


Scores of people accused of money laundering and tax evasion were arrested last action "Ariel", named by washing superprashokot. "Ariel" uncovered an international criminal group composed of Macedonian, Bulgarian and Serbian citizens, who for years had done fraud tax evasion, money laundering and document forgery. Months of investigation located the 21 members of the group, in which the largest number were Macedonian citizens, who, in the period from 2007 to 2011, committed more crimes. With tax evasion, according to the investigation, the group damaged the state of 1.8 million, and failed to wash almost 22 million. The organizers of the group, according to the Ministry, worn in the country Bulgarian citizens, who paid them to establish their companies, and they then offered to the use of members of the criminal group. Through the companies were given false invoices and were paid hire people to withdraw money from accounts.


umanovo tobacco Boss Bajrus Sejdiu was arrested in the action "Ashes" due to financial mismanagement, according to information from the MOI heavy six million. "Ashes" information police gathered that from 2004 to 2008 with threats, extortion, money laundering Sejdiu criminal group made criminal bankruptcies and privatizations four Kumanovo firms Wheat Mel Spark, Ken and ZIK Kumanovo. MI presented evidence that members of the group illegally acquired a majority stake and became the owners of the building facilities, restaurants vehicles - property worth 6 million. So damaged the creditors and the state.

November 7, 2007 in Planina village Brodec above Tetovo was conducted "Mountain Storm", a major police action to remove and break Albanian terrorist-extremist criminal groups come from Kosovo, who threatened with demolition peace and stability in the country. According to police sources, the action began with fierce armed calculations between Macedonian special forces and Albanian extremists in the village Brodec at 4 pm. Passionate armed skirmishes lasted 10 hours, until 14 pm, when the extremist gang was completely cracked and destroyed. In the police operation "Mountain Storm" killed seven Albanian extremists: Ramdan Siti, 24, escaped inmate from prison Shutka "Dubrava" Kosovo Fisnik Ahmeti known as "Commander Steel" from the village. Brodec Bekim Mehmeti (21) from Tetovo, Shahili Ferhat (20) from the village. Brodec Fidan Fejzulahu (24) from Pristina - Kosovo Gavazi Imer (42) from Kosovo. Was not identified one person killed in police action. 12 extremists were arrested and seized a large amount of firearms and heavy weapons, which according to police sources arms be enough for 150 people and running months of armed struggles.


http://www.mkd.mk/30101/crna-hronika/ko ... inska-bura

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