Trial "Spy" begins in Macedonia - pictures

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Trial "Spy" begins in Macedonia - pictures

Unread post by Dobre » January 28th, 2014, 2:17 am

Just some snapshots I took of the video. I thought they looked epic.

Basically, it's the name for a trail brought against 19 people that worked in the Macedonian intelligence community on charges of espionage. They sold information to Hungarian and Greek intelligence agencies regarding Wahhabism in Macedonia, new mosques being built in the country, insider information regarding the "political situation" in the Democratic Party of Albanians and VMRO-DPMNE, as well as information on the Islamska Verska Zaednica or Islamic Religious Association of Macedonia, as well as on defense and state secrets.

Some of the accused are: Former head of cabinet Trajko Veljanovski, former head of the agency responsible on tackling money laundering Vane Cvetanov, employees of the Macedonian intelligence agency UBK and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police general Goran Stojkov, used their information and positions to extort known businessmen, even in Belgrade they threated Darobelski, as well as businessmen Minco Jordanov and Vanco Cvetanski. when they couldn't get what they want from the businessmen, Zoran Bozinovski put their information on the website Bure Vesnik, with the goal of destroying their reputation.

The details of the trial will be kept classified for the public. ... -19-lica-0
First two pictures
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