Criminals and criminal gangs in Macedonia, 91+ pages(in Macedonian)

In this section discuss Albania [Shqipërisë], Bulgaria [България], Croatia, Macedonia [Македонија, Makedonija] and Russia [Федерация, Rossiyskaya] including any other place on the Eastern European continent.
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Criminals and criminal gangs in Macedonia, 91+ pages(in Macedonian)

Unread post by Dobre » April 2nd, 2018, 4:14 am

You can use Google translate to get a rough idea of what they're talking about. There's some videos and whatnot in English, too.

Most of the names they mention are Macedonians, Serbs, Vlachs, etc. but there are alot of Albanian names, too. Anything ending with -ski or -ev - or ov is typically Macedonian, but it could also be Vlach, even though there's a certain taxonomy to Vlach(Romanian) last names. Anything typically ending with -ik is typically Serbian or Bosnian. Anything typically ending with -i or -emi or -izi, is Albanian. Anything typically sounding like an Islamified Macedonian name, such as Mukaetov, Ademov, Alibegov, etc. is either a Macedonian Muslim or a Macedonian Turk.

It's a topic on the Kajgana forum, a Macedonian forum where Macedonians come to discuss all sorts of things. This topic seems to be the main topic about various criminals and criminal gangs in Macedonia. There is an enormous wealth of information here, including pictures, videos, stories, descriptions, names, locations, associated businesses and fronts, connections to outside organized crime, legal testimonies, hierarchies, news articles, and local(street) sources.

I personally find the local sources to be the most reliable and available source of information, since they either know these people personally or know people who know these people personally, and know stories that neither the police nor the news would have any access to. I knew information about certain people years ago that eventually went on to get published online, but with a skewed version of what really happened and some details missing.
And I don't think these people think of it as snitching - I think they think of it as either freelance journalism or gossiping. Surely, it wouldn't be nice to post crap online that other people accuse somebody of if that person was your father or uncle or cousin or something or you had good relations with him, but I think the country is so far gone nobody really gives a shit about manners and respect anymore.

Either way, some of it can't be translated because it's been written in transliterated Macedonian using the English keyboard layout, aka how Macedonians type to each other when they're too lazy to switch to Cyrillic.

I chose a post out of page 51, which has some information regarding Shtip gangsters.

Why is this important, you ask? Because the Eastern Macedonia statistical division is the main entry point of heroin from Bulgaria into Macedonia, a warehousing and repackaging center. And also because street gangs in their traditional North American form, like Crips, Bloods, MS13, GD's, Latin Kings, etc. nor biker gangs like the Hells Angels will never survive in Macedonia for a reason, and there's also a good reason they haven't attempted to spread there, although I'm sure some gang leaders have heard of what goes on there. The level of sophistication in criminality heard from the Macedonia wiretaps makes Donnie Brasco and Lefty's conversation sound neanderthalic in comparison. And that's why no foreign group except the Russian mafia has been able to muscle into organized crime in the Balkans, and no other group there exists there exists in small pockets except the Triads.

Historically, nearly half of the highest ranking politicians, revolutionaries and some of the wealthiest people in Macedonia come from Shtip. Ivan Mihajlov, for example, went to Berlin and met with Hitler in 1943 personally through meditation of the SS for an independent Macedonian puppet state of Germany, that didn't succeed. Important figures in past history come from here, especially those that have impacted the outcome of the Russo-Turkish Wars, Balkan Wars, WW1, etc. There is a familial tradition in terms of statecraft. The head of Radio Free Europe in Macedonia, a CIA asset lives here. Even a cardio surgeon born here has managed to conduct open heart surgeries without anesthesia while conversing with his fully awake patient - a technique that the doctors of Germany and the US are willing to kill to find out - who the surgeon says he will only patent when the time is right.

If it wasn't for the strong local element, then the heroin market in Europe and North America would fluctuate in the resulting power vacuum.

Berovo and Delchevo, two cities under Shtip's jurisdiction where tons of heroin, coke, amphetamines and ecstasy are imported every month from Bulgaria.

A geostrategic location in terms of the world heroin market.

Usually, other locations have constant power struggles. Bosses are killed or imprisoned or forced into exile and replaced.

But over here, the same leadership structure has held the heroin trade for over 30 years. An impossible feat - even El Chapo and Simeon Mogilevich were wanted and caught at some points, but never the leadership structure here. What is their secret? What lies behind all those OSCE cars coming for periodic visits, together with NATO troops, and companies owned by people from this location that provide goods and services on a contract to KFOR and Camp Bondsteel?

There is a US military base in Krivolak, and has been there since the 1990s, when sheep herders coming close to the base were known to disappear.

Anyhow, enough ranting, here's an excerpt from page 51, post 753, translated:

Buddy you have alot of mistaken aka no kind of information regarding Shtip. Listen here

- Search/ask around for SINETO, a man who is a professional safecracker. Living legend.

- Blazhenko, together with Robi, 25 years ago in Belgium, carried out heists where in one of which Blazhenko is killed and robert ROBI comes back with money to Macedonia

- Slavcho the Oasis??? He owns a hotel and a sports betting franchise, buildings and practically runs the city and his money is from heroin and white (cocaine) mostly.

- Ljupcho Mandjukov????? Ask about him

- The Slovenian and L'seto??? Ask about them..

- Simo the villager(says it in a demeaning way lol) that owns the fish farm and restaurant, after one year of getting out of prison for a 7 year prison sentence as a result of the Oasis's and Dosta Dimovska's heroin, he f*cked up/was pushed into a corner.. (speculations)

- Sasho Arsovski? Is he just a police inspector or something more?

- Have you heard of Madame Vaska? And the girl that allegedly "committed suicide" from the neighborhood of Promaya...she was poisoned the day before the trial where she was supposed to sing some very important things.

- Jonche the boxer???

- Chorolino the boxing trainer??? He was digging for gold and used the police as personal protection thanks to his son who is in the Alfi unit(Unit for First Response and Intervention - Alpha). Last year Chorolino together with Blagoy and Zoran Kralev from Kumanovo, under the control of Mijalkov and some other Serbs, dug up around 1 ton of gold from the mosque Husa Medin Pasha in Shtip.

- Shmukanatsot ????

- Do you know about the case where 3 Alfi officers kidnapped Karakoleto from Frankfurt mafia??

- What about Marjan Popadinov?
- What about Zharko the wrestler?

- What about Pane Velev who was killed the same way as ISTRESSOKOT(Istresso)...two men very close to Mijalkov were liquidated by the same doctor from Shtip, when they were in Greece.

Ask around... Shtip is full of criminals my brother.


Now, as far as this information goes, these are some people but not even 1/3 of the underworld command structure in Shtip. Nevertheless, these people listed are not just local gangsters that if in the Italian mafia would be on the level of soldiers or associates. No no no...

They are all along the levels of bosses, underbosses and capos, except Macedonian organized crime does not have a code, a singular organization or a specific hierarchy. Whoever tends to have the strongest connections and the most money tends to win.

Politically, there was speculations that Gruevski and Mijalkov were backed up by House of Hapsburg and the Russians. On the other hand, Zoran Zaev and Branko Crvenkovski were backed by the US, George Soros and the Freemasons.

On a more business and organized crime side of things, all sides have connections outside of the country to powerful and known figures and it's not just a 5 second photo session connection either like you'd find between the president of a third world country and the president of the US. It's not like 1 guy has all the connections and everybody else is just trying to take his seat or something. No, there are major outside powers at play here providing enormous support. The funny thing is you'd expect people with those types of connections to live in a place like Manhattan or Moscow or Berlin or Paris or London or something and not in some mountain town of 50,000 people in a country most people don't even know where it is on the map.

But that's the reality.

As far as these figures go, I know some things about some people and less about others that's not mentioned in this guy's brief listing. As you can also see from the page he only has 1 posting with that account, so he specifically made an account to list all these names. And no, that wasn't me in case you're asking.

As far as the people go:

- Sineto smuggles heroin to Germany once a month or so aside from all that safecracking. He did work together with L'seto and others during Heist spree in Western Europe. He is most known for owning Caffe Bar Ice in Shtip:


Where the special police force Tigers member Spasov(one of Urko's people) worked as a bouncer before he killed Neshkovski, where there was that additional backlash when Jankulovska, the minister of interior, and Kotevski, tried to cover up the murder and it was caught on wiretaps.

This is Spasov


- I don't know who Blazhenko is, but Robi is the owner of Telekabel, the first and largest cable TV and internet provider in Macedonia. His father was a corrupt cop back in the 1960's who ended up beating a mouthy 18 year old kid to death who was drinking with his buddies infront of an elementary school in Shtip. That kid turned out to be from the Mijalkov family. They almost burned down the police department for it, and he was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison for the kid's murder but left his kid, Robi, alot of money stolen from his days as a crooked cop. That, and Robi was part of the Balkan crime wave of armed robberies, break ins, heists of banks, jewelry stores and exchange offices that plagued Western Europe in the 1990's. I do know that Robi and Blazhenko had a shootout with the Belgian police during a botched robbery, and the cops ended up killing Blazhenko but Robi escaped. Robi was wanted by Interpol on a warrant and that warrant found it's way to a certain police chief at the time who later became a mayor of Shtip, who somehow got Interpol to get rid of the warrant(how, I don't know) and saved Robi's ass. This was back in the late 1990's, circa 1997-1998. Robi doesn't just own that, he owned one of the most popular nightclubs in Shtip called Angels. His security guard detail, or enforcers, around 15 or so people, made up of criminals with trophies for boxing, wrestling and MMA, had over 100 different criminal charges against them altogether that for a long time Robi paid the police to cover up. In 2007, the CIA asset and operator of Radio Free Europe in Macedonia, owned of Kanal 77 Radio and the restaurant and banquet hall in Shtip of the same name, was a victim of an attempted assassination attempt by Robi's head of security. As a result, Robi was arrested and so were the two people who carried out the attack, but of course, later acquitted, for attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. But the CIA asset got the message and never expanded into television like he was trying to do, the reason for the attack(and become one of Robi's competitors). The attack was condemned by the US embassy in an article that, obviously, the US embassy took down since then. Why would the US embassy go out of their way to condemn that attack? He wasn't the only "journalist" to be subject to threats and intimidation. Obviously, they said that this was just to send a message and that if they wanted to kill him they probably could have. The perpetrator is a special forces Iraq war veteran. Since then Robi and his head of security have had a falling out. On the other hand, Robi was also implicated in a scandal back in 2012 when, because of a girlfriend, him and his head of security pistol whipped a Romanian businessman's son, together with Branko Crvenvkoski's son and a third man nicknamed the Frog and kidnapped his girlfriend, broke her limbs and left her to die in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, but she managed to survive. Robi spent 2 months on house arrest for this and him and his head of security were roughed up by the former president's men, who came in 10 armored cars. He doesn't just own that - he owns an apartment complex in Shtip, together with real estate in Miami, and Club Pearl in Nea Kallithea in Greece, alongside other legitimate businesses.


- Slavcho the Oasis, owner of Hotel Oaza in Shtip formerly called Hotel Astibo. Publicly known as the kingpin of the drug trade in Eastern Macedonia. Hooked up with Bulgarians and Albanians back in the 1990's regarding the heroin trade and has remained untouched since then. His mother worked in a bank. His sister lives in Canada. His is the uncle of the Romanian who took control of ownership of Fersped after they exported their enterprise to Chicago amid racketeering attempts from Mijalkov and repackaged it with a new name, the same Romanian whose grandfather is Shterjo Nakov. Owns multiple condominium buildings, countless villas and houses, factories, farms, slaughterhouses, restaurant, spa, etc. in Macedonia as well as outside of it. Very low key man. He had 5 BMW X5's at one point, a BMW sports car, plus a private plane and a yacht.

- Ljupcho, other than being the Oasis's business partner, owning stakes in a Macedonian bank, being a lover of Mercedes and Porsche and heading the same organization, is...well not much is known about his family, except that he is related to both the Bulgarian arms dealer and businessman of the same last name from Plovdiv, a man close to Andrey Lukanov, with connections to Evgeny Primakov's circle in Russia and Semion Mogilevich's money laundering operation in Bulgaria that involved British Lord Robert Maxwell, and the businessman from Varna also of the same last name with connections to TIM Group, owner of 40 companies, including 2 nightclubs and 3 hotels, the latter who was gunned down in Sofia in May 2014 and prior to that lived in Eksinovgrad Palace, had his girlfriend kidnapped for a random of 500,000 Euros by the Insolent Ones(a high profile kidnapping ring from Bulgaria) and she later died of a stomach ulcer or cancer or something, and who was arrested as head of a tobacco smuggling ring in Varna, Bulgaria where 15 million US dollars worth of counterfeit cigarettes were seized but of course, he was cleared of any wrongdoing. I think that might say enough. He does have an older brother who was Slavcho's business partner, who started out as an enforcer for loan sharks collecting on high value sums of over 100,000 German marks for a percentage together with a convicted murderer who knew Arkan from his time in a juvenile detention center, and the murderer later became his head of security, they robbed banks and jewelry stores together and also allegedly worked as hitmen(but obviously this has not been proven) and later took over Makedonka, a huge factory complex built in the Communist times that has since been closed down. Also owned a company in Gevgelija that was a supplier to the Dutch NATO detachment in Kosovo. I think they're both retired now and his younger brother Ljupcho has taken over the business. Owns an Irish pub in Shtip and centers his time on philanthropic activities. The legitimate net worth of the two brothers and the Oasis together is estimated in the high hundreds of millions of dollars. Therefore their illegitimate net worth is in the billions range. This makes sense because also own tons of casinos and sports betting places across the country which are, as you can imagine, cash only. All I know is people love to gossip about all the other businessmen but seem to avoid talking about Ljupcho and his brother and even though there has been attempts on their lives more than once before from various rival groups, they never usually travel anywhere with bodyguards. And one of the rival groups' leaders used to travel with 50. Which tells you there's something very frightening about them. So between all that, there's also the Triads, snakeheads with tattoos claiming to be working for Sinohydro have paid a visit to Shtip on multiple occasions. And of course that influx of Turkish exchange students from Izmir, Turkey to Goce Delchev University is just a front hiding behind the cover of an Islamic association that built an enormous mansion in Shtip, where you can find a Mercedes S class AMG with Albanian license plates from Shkodra always parked infront of it. And that's why these "students" are always out partying and gambling in casinos every single day and why they even opened up their own Shisha cafe in Shtip. I'm also pretty sure they have links to the Koc family in Turkey, but that's not 100 percent.

- The Slovenian and L'seto... I don't know much about them to be honest. I know L'seto is also involved in the drug trade together with the Oasis and the Mandjouko brothers and he has multiple companies including Bregalnica FC(I think). L'seto also lives in the same condominium building as the Oasis, together with some other businessmen that are allied with him.

- Ahhh Simo LOL... Well, this story is just one of pure bad luck. Simo used to of the distributors and mules for the Oasis, that would carry a few keys of the product around with him but as far as I know they only distributed locally, but I'm probably wrong. I think I heard Germany is somewhere in this mix, or something along those lines.

Simo is the guy on the right


Simo owned a fish farm and restaurant outside of Shtip on the highway towards Radovish that was named Rajska Gradina, in translation meaning "Garden of Eden" or more literally "heavenly gardens". Very popular spot for locals, especially local gangsters. But they closed it down, apparently. I don't know why. I'm assuming maybe part of the last wave of Mijalkov crackdowns, or I could be wrong?

Anyhow, what happened was Simo had 1 kilo of heroin on him or something like that. Somebody snitched and Simo was involved in a car chase with the police. He went over the Bregalnica river over a bridge and threw the key out the window, but instead of landing in the water the key landed on the grass beside the river. The police found it and Simo was royally screwed. That's why his more known nickname is Simo Drogata, or Simo the Drugs. This kind of humor tickles the inside of my belly a bit lol, as if a constant reminder of how he screwed the pooch.

- Now, Arsovski, I don't know much about him either.

- Ah Madame Vaska. What a beauty


Ran the largest prostitution ring thing there. Also owns lots of gold.

- Jonche the boxer. Now, I know him as Jonche the karate master. Was president of the Shtip branch of VMRO back in 1999 and virtually untouchable for awhile. Used to leave enormous tabs in nightclubs and restaurants and not pay them. Would get drunk and drive around in his convertible during the summer time shooting guns in the air, which is completely unacceptable even for a shithole like Macedonia. Would rough up nightclub and restaurant owners with impunity. The police couldn't touch him. Until 4 other karate guys ambushed him one night and beat him nearly to death. Now Jonche has to put eye drops in his eye because it does not produce water any more, aka they left him nearly blind in one eye. A classic example of a man whose money and power got to his head before somebody came and "calmed him down".

- Ahaha Chorolino, or Choralinski. Was the first karate master who opened up a dojo in Shtip. Trained alongside the chief of police who bailed out Robi from Belgian Interpol. Now I've heard alot more than just Turkish gold, I've heard about Mijalkov's people finding 220 tons of Nazi gold worth a few billion US dollars in an abandoned SS bunker in Macedonia that was blockaded off by some private contractor working together with some ministry for something, a project headed by Mijalkov, and you wouldn't find anything about that gold other than a mention in a documentary. Nobody knows where it went. If it was use for the good of the country, it would've been worth Macedonia's GDP almost, but, alas, it wasn't. Maybe he had some hand in that and people have their stories mixed up.

- I've heard of Shmukanatsot, but I don't really know anything about him.

- Ahh Karakoleto, not to be mistaken with the Karakolev family of Shtip, just only baring the nickname Karakoleto whose actual ethnicity is Vlach/Romanian and is related to the Nikolov and Nakov families(as all Vlachs in Macedonia are cousins, yeah I know incest but hey they claim to be descendants of Roman legionnaires who stayed in Macedonia so I guess that's where they have that genetic predisposition towards economic success, plus they have a reputation for sticking together like Jews, which I'll say is good for them, although Nikolov's gas empire started off with gas smuggling for the Nazis during WW2). Anyhow, he is one of those bosses of the Frankfurt mafia that wasn't nabbed. There is another boss of the Frankfurt mafia nicknamed Taleto who ran Veles' largest group with around 100 people, and there were multiple groups in the Frankfurt mafia - it wasn't a singular enterprise headed by just a few people. Taleto did get nabbed but he had a condition where he couldn't leave Bulgaria for 8 years. He frequently works with the Oasis and L'seto and them and actually boards in the same building as them. If you ever go to Shtip and see a big black Mercedes S class parked on the sidewalk when everybody has to park in designated parking spaces in the middle of downtown Shtip, then that's his car. VE for Veles on the plates, also, as Taleto is from Veles, even though Karakoleto is from Shtip. I don't know much about the kidnapping. I do know Karakoleto operated in Dusseldorf instead, some area close to the Dutch border. How convenient.

- Popadino, the owner of Hotel Izgrev. Here is where Buyata from Bulgaria was stationed during his attempted takeover and run in with the Oasis and Ljupcho's brother in 2004. They turned the place into a fortress, with snipers on the balconies and allowed nobody in. The chief of police at the time came in to see what the commotion was about, but the Bulgarian enforcers took his badge out of his hand and threw it in his face and told him to get the f*** out of there. So backup was called, there was a standby and then the police retreated, later giving a press release saying "the group was too well armed" and "it was made clear they had no motivations to do any harm".

- Zarko the wrestler.

Far right


On the left over here, with the guy in the middle


Now, the guy on the middle got an additional 2 years in prison for threatening to blow up the judge, saying to her "you'll fly up like a pigeon" was implicated for his role in that police action Detonator, with the Oasis's 400 poker machines and half the police chiefs going down in the country. As you can see in this video LOL

And I'm pretty sure they did try to blow her up but they failed.

Anyhow, as you can see Zharko is a good friend of Robi's




He travels alot. He has trophies as a wrestler, yeah, but he also spent 2 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder, when the people who were talking with him about ordering the contract killing set him up. Contract killing who, I don't know. He had a large nightclub called Balkan Disco for some time in Shtip. Apparently took a loan from the Serbian mafia to open that up. Closed it down. Went to Belgium for work. Came back to Macedonian and is doing 3 years in prison for God know's what.

- Pane Velev. They were together with Ljube Boshkovski back in the day, but he was never indicted for war crimes. Was the director of national safety or national defense or some police-military function like that. Word on the street was he managed to acquire 200 tanks from Ukraine during the conflict in 2001, after which half the Ukranian mafia was after him. Istresso owned nightclubs, primarily. Very hot headed guy, but very close to Mijalkov. On the way back into Macedonia from Bulgaria the Macedonian customs officers stopped and searched his car, harassed him, used a dog to sniff out his car from the K-9 unit which he grabbed and threw it into the mountains in the background. Yeah, he was a large, strong guy, maybe around 6'8-6'9 and 300 pounds. Then tells the customs guys to line up, pulls out his phone and calls Mijalkov which in return uses his brother the customs chief to...castrate these guys, metaphorically of course. Istresso's official cause of death is a heat stroke, but something is suspicious about it, as he was a very strong and healthy individual and it's not his first time on vacation in Greece.

There is also a plethora of names not um..mentioned by whoever posted that, like the Kamchev family(owners of Orka, Stipco, etc. employing over 3200 people altogether), Panche Nasev, Kostadin Barzov owner of Bargala(which produces 250 million Euros of leather shoes annually destined primarily for Western markets and whose main business partner in the 1990's was an Italian ahem businessman from New York) and IRIS TV, Longurov, Sanev(owners of Astibo BEAS and a mansion in the Dominican Republic), Pretsiz, Milev(owner of Ohridska Banka), Shumano(former owner of Brioni restaurant whose father worked for Alibegov, a powerful Turkish-Macedonian businessman during Communist times and director of Red Star, an umbrella company that owned Hotel Astibo amongst other things, the son Shumano who is known for his violent temper and eccentric behavior, one news article had his slaughterhouse employees claiming he shot at them with a rifle during a strike when he defended himself saying I was just shooting at birds, sold Brioni worth 400,000 Euros for 50,000 Euros instead due to gambling debts, was Macedonia's richest person in the 1990s, who owned planes and once woke up his pilot in the middle of the night and got a gypsy brass band to play for him while he was drunk while the pilot flew him around Macedonia), Ljubotenski the owner of Imako Wineries and a Freemason, Goro who used to own a nightclub and put a gun to a guy's head in broad daylight in downtown Shtip but the gun didn't fire, Bogatinov the owner of the bistro called Grof which means Count(a very shady bistro at that, where a member of the special police force Tigers was murdered by a Gypsy drug dealer) and countless other names that are within that leadership structure with one role or another. One historical name was Kiro Cheshman, who worked for Al Capone, but that's ancient history. I'm not even going to talk about this judge that had 600,000 Euros stolen from her house, or the director of PIOM(Macedonian Pension and Disability Insurance Fund) who is related to Ljube Boshkovski and Ventso the Stump(former owner of nightclub Magic located under Hotel Astibo in the 1990s that was known for drugs, prostitution and mob related fights and good friend of the Oasis, current owner of the swimming pool in Shtip that managed to even muscle out Robi from taking over and during that year appointed Patrakliev, the fire chief, businessman and a karate master, to be owner instead, and then took over again under joint ownership with Ljupcho and the Oasis, who were in a power struggle with the Gurla, or "Eye Mucus" lol, over a parcel of land that a hotel was to be built on beside the pool), Itso Black(who died of liver cancer, drinking 6 lb of brandy a day before he passed, a karate master of a large stature, able to crack Roman columns with his punches).

Eye mucus is the guy in the middle


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Re: Criminals and criminal gangs in Macedonia, 91+ pages(in Macedonian)

Unread post by Szczelec33 » May 23rd, 2018, 2:29 pm

ski is usually a Polish last name.

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Re: Criminals and criminal gangs in Macedonia, 91+ pages(in Macedonian)

Unread post by Dobre » May 24th, 2018, 9:29 pm

Szczelec33 wrote:ski is usually a Polish last name.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. A lot of Poles with ski at the end, but also a lot of Jews and Russians have ski at the end.

In Macedonia, ski tends to originate from the western part of the country. In the eastern part of the country -ov or -ev is more common in names.

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