Police inspector arrested in Kochani, Macedonia for dealing drugs

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Police inspector arrested in Kochani, Macedonia for dealing drugs

Unread postby Dobre » April 13th, 2018, 8:20 pm


Narrator: A police inspector from Kochani has earned himself a criminal charge together with 30 days in custody for the distribution of narcotics. The person in question is with the initials O.A., at the age of 36, who instead of taking down drug dealers, he joined with them.

Police spokesperson:

The accused, on an unconfirmed date, from an unknown individual, without authorization, for the purpose of distributing, purchased an undetermined amount of the narcotic drug marijuana, and from the same, during the period from the month of February until the month of April 2018, in two instances, sold the drug to I.R., from Kochani, for a sum of 11,000 denars, in the quality of 80 grams.


The inspector, from the perspective of his colleagues, is caught in the act of selling the drugs on the town square in Kochani.

Police spokesperson:

During the search of the accused, a large quantity of cash has also been seized. The marijuana, which is the subject of purchase and sale, with confirmation has been seized from I.R.

Narrator: In only two weeks, this is the second time criminal charges have been laid by SVR Shtip against a police officer. Last week, a 57 year old police inspector from Shtip earned himself a criminal charge and police custody, for taking a 300 Euro bribe from a foreign national.

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