Anyone else experiencing Invalid_session?

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Anyone else experiencing Invalid_session?

Unread post by WillieCreeper » October 28th, 2004, 1:49 am

I did as told under the Hard time replying/posting, only type one letter at a time thread. It didn't help. Every time I try to post, I get an invalid_session. I have to reload and reload before it eventually goes through, and sometimes the post will go through without me getting a message saying it was posted successfully, so I ended up posting something twice on one thread.

Looked on the web for this problem, here are the responses:

===Go into your Forum Configuration and rename the cookie phpbb2mysql to phpbb2mysql2.

---the invalid sessions are related to your ip and the current session you are logged in as ( meaning your current log in time) The sessions are logged by IP generally. If you have AOL try using another browser cuz i know AOL is one cause of it. I have found that deleteing cookies has a temporary fix to the issue. Also you may want to check your session settings in the forum administration (if your an admin). Another way to fix the issue ( not recamended but works) is to delete the sessions out of the php code. This is how ever a risky thing cuz it leaves you open to hijacking. I have also seen changing the IP Validation Code in the sessions.php file works for some as well. Look for " IP Validation Code" and change its value from 6 to 0. but this again is risky. hope it helps

Is this a common problem for other users and does the above make sense?

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Re: Anyone else experiencing Invalid_session?

Unread post by JONES » October 28th, 2004, 5:37 pm

go to internet options,enable script debugging. if you kneed more help pm me

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