Main difference between US and Europe

There has been an increase in gang and youth groups in many Western European cities that have seen an influx of immigrants. There is also a significant organized crime coming from Eastern Europe In this section discuss Austria [Österreich], Denmark [ Danmark], England, France [FRANSS], Finland, Germany [Deutschland], Greece [Ελληνική, Elliniki], Ireland, Italy [italiana], Netherlands [Nederland], Norway [Norge], Rossiyskaya], Scotland, Spain [España] Sweden [Sverige] and the UK including any place on the Western European continent.
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Discuss anything about Western European street gangs and organized crime.
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Re: Main difference between US and Europe

Unread post by attila » August 22nd, 2012, 2:52 am

Here in europe, at least most of western europe countries, if a bunch of guys are reppin, they all get arrested because they may have committed a crime, they dont wait to look for the one who fits the suspect description, they all get arrested becuz someone of the group may have committed a crime, and the rest of the group are dubbed as criminals, so the group is illegal, thats why they all get to jail, and spent 1 or 2 years till the judge decides. So in europe it aint a smart move reppin a group where some are commiting crimes, becuz u know what happen, that why the criminal gangs just try not to get attention, and the organized crime in italy are all in hiding, so they even cant go out free like that.
At least here there is no rico law, theres the belonging to a criminal gang, they dont wait to proove if you act like a mafia, it just has to be a group commiting crimes, and they automatically charge you with that, gettin a minimum 10 year sentence, and most of them charged with these werent organized crime, so reppin a group that has done crimes here, is just a short way.
Well, as far as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany ans most other Western-European countries go, that's complete bullsht.
Here in Holland almost every other week we can read in the newspaper how somebody gets severely beaten up or killed by a group of youth, and noone gets punished because they can't proof who of the group did the actual stabbing, shooting or kicking.
When you're in a group they can't touch you here and that's also the reason criminal groups like the Hells Angels are not forbidden by law and they can fly their colors, intimidate everybody and do as they please.

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Re: Main difference between US and Europe

Unread post by karim » October 25th, 2012, 5:30 am

As you had almost all say, the kids are on a hype thing. It's due to gangsta rap mainly... As a grown man, I can't blame them for having fun for a summer... I won't go as far as saying they're ridiculous (even if they truly are). They are only young guys who are going to be slapped by their mothers when coming to pick them in the police station. And remenber that in France you're not putting your live at risk walking down the street wearing red or blue clothes like in L.A. for exemple. So let's them have fun, learn, and finally understand that they are wrong and ridiculous. I'm sure they will know it one day; so let them learn, we all have been young and stupid...
There's no (true) Crips or Bloods gangs in France, never have, never will (I hope).
I remember asking to an "OG" (older than me) from my former hood if he was aware of those Crips and Bloods gangs. He was like : "Why are they doing that for ? Just to rep their hood ? What for ? Is that bring them money ? It's stupid ! Look at me, I love Mickael Jackson's music, do I look like him ?" I think he never understood the US street gang culture. :lol: But he was right in some way...
In France the main goal is to find an exit from the hood by any means necessary, not fighting for a street or a block that don't even belongs to you.
Amongst the youngers, you even see some that rep a hood they don't even from just to be feared, and because the "cité" (project, estate) is known for being hard... So it can be funny as hell sometimes ! :P
I wouldn't be so categoric about London as I saw that US-type gang culture many time there. In fact I'm in contact with a south londoner inmate in order to write a book on the colourful charaters of London street gangsters. And believe me, those guy aren't joking...
PS: I know Bg Casper/ OGK/ OG Kim...ect... personally, as I bought his rap album, and even met him. He was a true skinhead hunter in Paris, and a very good Thai boxer too ! He's well respected in his hood (Paris 13). He's also a living proof that even the olders can be caught by the hype ! :lol: But to be really honest, I thank God he didn't manage to bring that shit here in Paris, he almost succeeded believe me or not ! At least with the youngest and even with some not so young and obviously silly... :lol: Sadly, desperate guys hanging and smoking weed all day can easily be lured in this kind of stuff sometimes just to dream a few... Anyway, I'd like to know if some of you have news from him, he's cool. A bit too much I know, but he's cool... I know he lives in Thailland for years now...

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