Dublins just like Iraq, they all have bullet proof vests

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Dublins just like Iraq, they all have bullet proof vests

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SCOTT DELANEY relaxes in his Manchester home surrounded by piles of crime DVDs and his beloved parrots.

He declares: "Donal, d'ya want me to tell you what's after happenin' in Dublin?"

As a former drug dealer who witnessed one of the most notorious murders in the Irish underworld and still retains close links to two gangs on the list of the Garda Siochana's 12 most-wanted mobs, he knows what's going on better than most.

"There is this gang war going on in Dublin right now yeah?" he continues.

"There is two factions slaughtering each other. Dublin is like Afghanistan, that's how bad it is, that's how bad Dublin is. It's like Iraq. Nowhere in Europe is as rough as Dublin. Nowhere."

The chilling assessment of how dangerous the crime scene has become is coming from a man who has seen a lot of things in his 35 years.

Delaney served eight years in jail for his role in the brutal execution of drug dealer Mark Dwyer. His father, 'Cotton Eye' Joe Delaney, is still serving life for the horrific torture and killing after his son gave evidence against him.

This week the Sunday World tracked down one of gangland's most infamous characters living a secret new life near Manchester under the name Scott Leon Knight.

The inner-city Dub with a passion for parrots and Manchester United was recovering from a bout of the flu and was holed up in the living room of his four-bedroom house on a sofa bed when I arrived on his doorstep.

He openly spoke about the deadly world he says he has left behind, despite the fact that Sunday World sources say he is still a frequent visitor to one of the factions of Dublin's Sheriff Street feud as well as one of Limerick's biggest crime families.

The man who helped his father kill small-time dealer Dwyer in a scene that resembled crime movie Reservoir Dogs, denied reports coming from both police and underworld sources that he is back involved in organised crime.

The UK has always been a hub for Irish criminals, a place where with the right contacts they can source drugs and guns and reach out to Europe's crime capitals like Amsterdam and the Costa del Sol.

"I have no involvement of heavy crime any more," Delaney tells me.

"Over In Dublin it's like, f**kin' everyone you talk to has a bullet-proof vest. All it's short of over there is, do you ever see in Iraq they have these big checkpoints and the police are standing there? That's all Dublin is short of."

Delaney refuses to talk about the murder of Mark Dwyer and while he claims to be out of 'the life', he then talks about his dealings with UK-based gangsters. He says in Manchester, criminals are civilised compared to Dublin.

"I wouldn't be doing big work over here but I've spoken to like huge gangsters all over Manchester, I found them to be like business people, very nice, just nice people.

"I'd be livin' over here on my own, I'd be a bit confused y'know? I'd need a bit of help in Manchester and I'd go to certain people and say, 'Would you do something for me?', and I found them to be very helpful."

Delaney accepts that he is friends with leading figures in the Dublin and Limerick crime scenes but denies any involvement in the drug trade.

"I am not active in any Irish underworld. Most of the time I only go back to see my family. If I was active in the drug trade in Dublin there is no doubt about it the police would have picked me up by now over there.

"The police never come near me. A lot of friends I have grown up with are caught up in a heavy feud in Dublin so because of that, they would stop me a few times and ask what are you doing in such an area. I'm not active in drugs at all in Dublin.

"Most of the time I am over there I am only over there speaking with friends of mine. A lot of people in those feuds in Dublin just happen to be people, when I was young, I grew up with.

"Some of my friends who are very close to me, these people you're talking about would be like my brothers," he says.

"What happens in Dublin is, there is a gang war going on at the moment, there is two factions slaughtering each other.

"One side is the Griffins yeah. My friend who I grew up with is out of one of these families. He is a friend of mine, so I couldn't turn me back on him and mis-treat him 'coz he's me friend."

The Sunday World can reveal that the friend is convicted cocaine dealer Gary O'Reilly, the right-hand man of jailed paedophile gang boss Christy Griffin.

O'Reilly and Delaney came up through the drug trade together in 1990s Dublin, selling ecstasy to youngsters on the club scene. As the 'E'-loving clubbers became the coke addicts of the economic boom, people such as O'Reilly were there to feed their new habit.

The Sheriff Street crew split down the middle when boss Christy Griffin abused his girlfriend's daughter. The deadly feud has now claimed the lives of Stephen Ledden, Stephen 'Madser' Byrne, Gerard 'Batt' Byrne and Anthony Russell, and led to scores of other shootings and beatings.

Delaney claims the rival faction to the Griffins has now fingered him to gardai. "The other side have seen me down there [in Sheriff Street] and they don't like that. They are after ringing the police and sayin', 'Listen Scott is down here he is makin' us worried', d'ya understand?

"And that is basically where this is after comin from. The guards have been on to me already and said to me 'Listen, what the f**k is goin on? What are you doing down in Sherriff Street?'."

But the Sheriff Street feud is not the only Irish gangland war that Delaney has been caught up in.

In 2009 he was arrested near St Mary's Park in Limerick, home to the Collopy gang, and convicted for obstructing a Garda officer.

He was sentenced to three months in prison. He says he was only arrested because of his past reputation but does confirm that he is a friend of Kieran Collopy whose family has waged a vicious gang war with the McCarthy-Dundons in the mid-west capital.

Delaney dismisses the connection. "A friend of mine was in prison man, he comes out of a gang in Limerick and he is getting released. I went down to see a friend of mine and I got arrested down there.This is because of my reputation... I'm not involved with anybody these days."

Despite these close ties to the underworld, he tells me he has left his life of crime behind "one hundred per cent".

"I don't bother with crime any more but I do like crime. I sit down and watch crime DVDs, Criminal Minds, that's what I like. I have all your DVDs in there. I am 35 now. I have been in prison since I was 21. I was only released a few years ago. Most of my life I've been locked up y'know.

"I was just involved in crime at a very young age, most of my life I've been in prison. I just live in Manchester I am not even sitting on big money at the moment, y'know what I'm sayin to ya?

"I am a qualified joiner with a City and Guilds. I worked for a kitchen company over here for a long time and a roofing company. ...I just live a normal life."

While he freely admits to me his links to feuding gangsters, he becomes coy when I ask him about the signs of wealth that surround him: a nice €250,000 home, an €80,000 BMW X5, a €10,000 high-powered Honda sportsbike.

He says he got his house from a compensation claim and that his real car is a Vauxhall Astra and not the BMW outside, even though his Facebook page shows him devoting great care and attention to the car and high powered motorbike.

He told the Sunday World that the BMW, which has been in his possession for up to a year, is only in his hands temporarily. "Ah that's on its way back to Ireland, that's for sale. My car is a Vauxhall Astra. That's [BMW] only something like every now and again I pick up and send back to Dublin. I just chill out, never bother anybody...I just go cycling all the time.


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