Families out NY charts

American organized crime groups included traditional groups such as La Cosa Nostra & the Italian Mafia to modern groups such as Black Mafia Family. Discuss the most organized criminal groups in the United States including gangs in Canada.
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This section discusses organized crime groups in the US and Canadian street gangs.
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Families out NY charts

Unread post by furiofromnaples » May 3rd, 2015, 12:02 pm

I'm trying to make a updated chart of the families out NY,anyone can help me ?

Kansas City Family

Boss: Joseph Sciortino
UnderBoss: Peter Simone
(Kansas City has never had the rank of Consigliere)

Current or recent Capains include William Cammisano Jr., Vince Civella, Angelo Porrello James Duardi.

Soldiers/Associates -

1. Peter Tamburello
2. Jack Lascuola
3. Joseph Porrello
4. Nick DiGirlamo
5. Anthony "Tony" Simone
6. Philip "Phil" Simone
7. George Chiavola
8. Joseph "Joe" Ragusa
9. James Moretina
10. John Calia/61
11. Salvatore "Sal" Mandacina
12. Joseph "Joe" Mandacina
13. John Cuezze
14. Peter Ribaste
15. John Costanza
16. Carlo Cavallaro
17. Frank Tousa
18. Vince Picone
19. Eugene "Gene" Picone
20. Frank Deluna
21. Benjamin "Ben" Palmentere
22. Robert Gulotta
23. Joseph Barletta
24. Nathan "Nat" Brancato
25. Thomas Fontanello
26. Phillip Saladino
27. Nicholas LaBruzzo
28. Richard "Rick" DeLuna
29. John Termini
30. John Glorioso
31. Salvatore Agrusa
32. Pasquale Sellaro
33. Samuel Scardino

Detroit Partnership

Boss Jack "Jackie the Kid" Giacalone
Underboss Degiorgio "Georgie Boy" Castameretti
Consigliere Anthony "Tony Pal" Palazzola
Street Boss Pete "Specs" Tocco


Joseph "Joey Jack" Giacalone
Joseph "Joe the Hood" D'Anna
David "Ace" Aceto
Anthony "Chicago Tony" La Piana
Antonio "Tony the Exterminator" Ruggirello
Paul "Big Paulie" Corrado

Buffalo Family

Boss: Leonard Falzone
Underboss: Benjamin "Sonny" Nicoletti Jr.
Consigliere: Joseph "Big Joe" Todaro Jr. (rumored to have taken the position while in semi-retirement, but still holds considerable power and influence)


BiFulco Crew/Frank "Butchie Bifocals" BiFulco - overseer of Buffalo, New York area rackets and labor interests,

Nicoletti/Niagara Falls Crew/Benjamin "Sonny" Nicoletti Jr. - overseer of Niagara Falls, New York area rackets, recently released from prison.
Papalia-Hamilton Crew/Joseph Joey Paps" Pugliese - overseer of the Southern Ontario rackets in the Niagara region, Hamilton and Toronto area.
Carcone/Utica Crew/Russel "Russ" Carcone - overseer of Upstate New York rackets in the Utica area, took over the crew from his father, crime family member Benny Carcone.
sidenote - Gaetano "Tommy Chooch" Miceli was a former caporegime and overseer of the Buffalo crime family's North Buffalo, New York rackets which included North side gambling operations and Buffalo's annual Italian festival held on Hertal Ave.
Matthew "Steamboat" Billiteri is a Buffalo crime family member who may have been promoted to caporegime or acting capo status within the Buffalo, New York area in order to take over the crew of his brother Albert "Babe" Billiteri who is presently inactive and retired.

Annuncio "Red" Cannizzaro
Ronald "Ron" Cardinale
Joseph "Snakehead" Cardinale
Sam "The Priest" Cardinale
Robert "Bobby" Chimera
William "Cookie" Gigilia
Carmen Mambrino (son of "Frank-Babe Mambrino)
Michael Muscarella
Robert "Bobby" Panaro Jr. (former Las Vegas representative, Todaro family cousin, convicted in 1999 of the Fat Herbie Blitzstein murder in Las Vegas along side Los Angeles crime family soldier Steven "The Whale" Cino, Panaro received 7 1/2 years and I believe he has recently been released or is coming up for parole)
John A. Pieri (son of former Underboss/Consigliere Joseph A. Pieri Sr.)
Joseph Rosato
Victor Sansanese (son of former caporegime/acting underboss Danny Sansanese Sr.)
Vincent "Jimmy" Sicurella (recently released from prison)
Matthew "Steamboat" Billiteri Associate
Frank Billiteri (son of "Babe")
Peter Capitano (union and labor interests, brother of Sam)
Samual "Sam" Capitano (union and labor interests, brother of Pete)
Frank Falzone (family lawyer/counselor)
John Frorino
Peter Gerace (Todaro son-in-law)
Frank "Chici Botts" Grisanti
Joseph Lombardo
Larry Panaro (brother of Bobby Jr.)
Charles "Charlie" Pusateri
Joseph Sacco
Louis Tavano
Joseph Todaro III (grandson of Joseph Sr. and overseer of La Nova Pizza and Wing Inc.)
Anthony W tavano
Utica Crew Members[edit]
Benedetto "Benny" Carcone (former capo, semi-retired)
Pasquale "Paddy" Brindisi
Philip "Phil" Corelli
James "Jimmy" Feliciano
Frank Ferraro
Frank Marino
Anthony "Tony" Inserra (associate)
Frank Minicone (associate)
Philip Zammiello (associate)
David Pietras (associate)
Larry Tantillo (associate)
Tony Tadesco (associate)
Hamilton Crew Members[edit]
Ignazio "Harold" Bordonaro (son of Charlie, former lawyer)
"Cookie" Caruso (first name unknown)
Paul "Paulie" Cipolla (member from Guelph area)
Ralph Criminisi
Bruno "Bronzie" De Paolo
Joseph "Joey Dips" De Paolo
Michael "Mike" De Paolo
Daniel "Danny" Gasbarini (senior adviser)
Dominic Italiano (Papalia family relative)
Vincent "Vinnie" Lombardo
Frank Papalia (senior adviser and brother of Johnny)
Rocco Papalia (brother of Johnny and Frank)
Raphael "Jilly" Scibetta
Charlie Scibetta (Deceased)
Inactive Members[edit]
(may be deceased)
Albert "Babe" Billiteri Sr. (former Buffalo, New York area capo)
Benjamin "Sonny" Nicoletti Sr. (former Niagara Falls, New York capo and gambling expert)
Recently Deceased Members[edit]
Sam Amoia Jr. (a former soldier involved in telemarketing and narcotics operations, related to Sam Pieri)
John "Johnny Catz" Catanzaro (a former top soldier under Joe Todaro Sr. and overseer of floating card and craps games)
Samuel "Sam" Lagatutta Jr.
Bart T. Mazzara (former Flordia representative and operations overseer)
Donald "Turtle" Pinepinto (a former top soldier involved in union and labor activities)
Joseph R. Pieri (son of Joseph A. Pieri, former LIUNA 210 union executive and one of many overseers of the crime family's labor interests)
Daniel G."The Mutt" Sansanese (son of Danny Sansanese, former LIUNA 210 executive and one of many overseers of the crime family's labor interests)

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Re: Families out NY charts

Unread post by furiofromnaples » May 5th, 2015, 8:08 am

LA Family

1. Louis "Little Louie" Caruso - owns Golden Air, Inc. and Caruso Mechanical Services in Phoenix, AZ
2. Michael "Porno Mike" Esposito - owns Gentleman's Video (adult film company) in Los Angeles, CA
3. Thomaso "Tommy" Gambino/43 - runs Royal Entertainment, Inc
4. Russell "Rusy" Massetta/61 - was made in Los Angeles, now lives in Cleveland, married to Pete Milano's sister
5. Leonardo "Limping Lenny" Montana - bookmaker, owns Enzo's Pizzeria in Los Angeles, CA
6. Robert "Fat Bobby" Paduano/70 - involved in 1991 drug case, loanshark
7. John "Johnny V" Vaccaro/73 - lives in Las Vegas, in Nevada "Black Book," owns Four Square Construction Co
8. Rocco "Rocky Bigfoot" Zangari/82 - moved back to Buffalo, inactive

Possible Members:
Paulo "Paulie Tattoos" Rossi - a bookmaker, owned a tattoo shop
Michael "Sports Bar Mike" Russo - bookmaker, works with LA family but not a part of according to Kenji
James Testa - was made though possibly not in Los Angeles family

Members of the Pittsburgh Mafia Organization

Thomas "Sonny" Ciancutti (1929-Pr) Soldier
Nick DeLucia (1921-?) Soldier
Robert "Bobby I" Ianelli (1930-Pr) Soldier
Mauro Matone (1942-Pr) Soldier
Charles "Chuckie" Porter (1933-Pr) Underboss- Turned FBI Informant
Dante Strollo (1935-Pr) Soldier- Turned FBI Informant.
Lenine "Lenny" Strollo (1932-Pr) Soldier - Turned FBI Informant


Boss: Joseph "Joe Loose" Iacobacci


Ralph "Bosie" Bucci
James "Jimmy" Comella
William "Billy" DeNova
William "Billy D" "Dileno
Joseph Gallo
John Iorillo
Ronald Lucarelli Jr
Russell "Rusty" Massetta
Nicholas "Nick" Nardi
John Oliverio
Russell Papalardo
Peter "Petey Boy" Sanzo
Sam Sirna
Anthony Velotta


Boss: Giacamo "Black Jack" Tocco
Underboss: Anthony "Tony Z" Zerilli
Acting Underboss: Vito "Billy Jack" Giacalone
Consigliere: Anthony "Tony T" Tocco

Counselor Emeritus: Joseph Barbara, Jr., Dominic Bommarito
Street Boss: Jack "Jackie The Kid" Giacalone
Captain: Anthony "Chicago Tony" La Piana
Captain: Anthony "Fat Tony" Giacalone, Jr.
Captain: Anthony "Tony Pal" Palazolla
Captain: Frank "Frankie The Bomb" Bommarito
Captain: Peter Tocco


David "Ace" Aceto
Eugene "Genie Boy" Baratta
Carlo Bommarito
Dominic Bommarito
John "J.P" Bommarito
Matthew Bommarito
Vincenzo "Vinnie Bro" Brozino
Pat Carlini
Anthony "Little Tony Long" Cimini
Dominic "Chicago Dom" Corrado
Paul "Big Paulie" Corrado
Paul "Cousin Paulie" Corrado
Peter "Fat Pete" Corrado
Peter "Baby Bull" Corrado
John D'intino
Don Fragale
Antonio "Tony the Barber" Foglia
Michael Galardi
Patrick "Pat the Pimp" Gatt
Anthony "Fat Tony" Giacalone, Jr.
Joseph "Joey Jack" Giacalone
Joseph "Little Joey Jack" Giacalone
Jack "Jackie the Nose/Jackie Jacks" Giacalone
Anthony "Chicago Tony" La Piana
Robert "Bobby the Animal" La Puma
William "Billy Lee" Loiacano
Jack "Little Jack" Lucido
Sam Lucido
Sebastian "Buster" Lucido
Isodoro "Teddy San Diego" Matranga
Joe Messina
Pete Messina
Anthony "Little Tony Pal" Palazzola
Salvatore "Little Sammy Pal" Palazzola
Antonio "Toto" Ruggirello
John Sciarotta
Anthony "Little Tony" Tocco, Jr.
Jack "Little Jackie" Tocco, Jr.
Joe Tocco
Paul Tocco
Peter "Little Pete" Tocco, Jr.
Salvatore "Mops" Tocco
Vito Tocco
Danny Triglia
Danny Tringale
Joey Tringale
Sam Ventamillia
Joe Vicarri
Dominic "Fat Dom" Vivio
Phillip Zerilli


Boss: Joseph P. "Joe Camel" Caminiti
Underboss: Joseph P. "Joey Bal" Balistrieri
Consigliere: Peter "Pitch" Picciurro
Acting Consigliere: John "Johnny Bal" Balistrieri

Captain: Dennis "Libby" Librizzi
Captain: Angelo "Big Angelo" Alioto
Captain: Ricco "The Killer" Bono


Frank Alioto
Carlo "Connie" Balistrieri
Joseph "Baby Joe" Balistrieri
John Basile
Joseph "Joey V." Basile
Ralph 'Junnie" Brocca
George Busateri


Boss: Giovanni "John the Eagle" Riggi
Acting Boss: Francesco “Frank” Guarraci
UnderBoss: Joseph Miranda
Consigliere: Stafano "Steve the Truck Driver" Vitabile

Captain: Philip Abramo
Captain: Joseph “JoJo” Ferrara
Captain: Giuseppe "Pino" Schifilliti
Captain: Salvatore "Sal the Barber" Timpani


Gaetano Alessi
Daniel "Danny" Annunziata
Robert "Bobby Basile
Charles "Charlie" Cocchiaro
Rosario Cocchiaro
Joseph Collina
Louis "Louie Eggs" Consalvo
Carl Corsentino
Nicholas “Nick” Cottone
Frank D'Amato
Anthony DeMaio Sr.
Joseph "JoJo" Ferrara
Francesco “Joe” Gatto
Joseph "Uncle Joe" Giaccobe
Larry Giacobbe
James Gallo
Girolamo Guarraggi
Philip "The Undertaker" LaMella
Charles "Fat Charlie" Majuri
Anthony "Marshmallow" Mannarino
Joseph Merlo Jr.
Michael Merlo
Ralph Micale
Joseph Miglorato
Joseph Miranda
Frank Nigro
Robert "Bobby Basile" Occhipiti
Girolamo "Jimmy Gumps" Palermo
Simone "Daddy" Palermo
Francesco Paparatto
Salvatore "Sal" Polizzi
Gregory Rago
Emmanuel "Manny" Riggi
John "Junior" Riggi
Vincent Riggi
Joseph "Tin Ear" Sclafani
Gaetano "Corky" Vastola

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Re: Families out NY charts

Unread post by Nickelcity » January 3rd, 2018, 5:25 pm

Frank BiFulco

Joe Violi (Canada Faction)

Victor Sansanese

Frank Falzone-
Six soldiers, took over BiFulco crew.

Anthony Todaro
Eight soldiers, took over when his brother Joe Jr retired.

Natale Luppino
Hamilton, Canada,
Nine soldiers, took over crew when Violi was moved up to Underboss, who in turn had taken over when Vincent Luppino passed away in 2009.

Bruno Monaco
Toronto, Canada
Five soldiers, took over when Dante Gasbarrini passed away. Gasbarrini became Capo when Paul Volpe was killed, and to get away from Giacomo Luppino and John Papalia of Hamilton.

Russell Carcone
Six soldiers

Loren Piccarreto/Anthony Chirico- Rochester,
Five soldiers.

When Thomas Marotta came back in the 1990's, he decided to join the Bonanno family and took half of the independent family with him to the Bonanno family. After what happened up in Hamiliton with John Papalia, Rene Piccarreto decided to be more friendlier with Buffalo. When Joe "Lead Pipe Joe" Todaro retired in 2006, Angelo Amico decided to rejoin the Buffalo Family.

Robert Panaro
Las Vegas
No soldiers, Panaro is direct with the family administration and other capos.

"About 12 to 15 members are retired," our source noted.

So about 40 made members are still active in Buffalo.

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