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This is the forum for those who believe that there are other options to gangs and violence and hope to see young people make better choices about their future. Where does change begin?

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Unread post by peace2dastreets » November 30th, 2005, 9:07 pm

Live Life. Love to live. Live to Love. Love the Life you Live.

Dear Reader,

Don’t believe people who say life is short. Fuck that BS because it’s a lie my friends... Live fast and leave a beautiful corpse? That’s a lie too… Cuz when you ‘crash’, you will survive, but remain as a wreck. Life is a very long process. However, it is up to us to decide how painfully slow life can be. Dropping out of high school, popping E, doing K, joining gangs… Brothers, these are decisions we will live to regret. These are decisions with which the consequences are hard as fuck to deal with. You work so hard, for what? To make a name for yourself on the streets that nobody will give a shit about in ten years? Think school is hard to stay focused on? Life is a struggle, no matter what choices you make. Nobody ever told you life would be easy. On the other hand, you struggle in school, u won’t struggle as much for the rest of your life. You struggle on the streets now, you will struggle with putting food on the table for your wife and kids in the future. Think about it.

Lemme ask you this: For example, you might be in ‘Eastside crew’, and ur crew might have beef with ‘Westside’. But why do you have beef with everyone in Westside? They are humans too… They prolly never done shit against you except live somewhere else or make different friends. Hell, what if your parents moved to a different area and you grew up with people from Westside? Wouldn’t you be down with the Westside and hate on everyone from the Eastside? Think about it people. I can understand maybe having beef over some girl… I can understand having beef with someone over someone robbing you of money. And just cuz i understand those beefs don't even make it right. But damnnnz… beef because someone’s crew of friends calls itself something different than yours? What kinda reason is that? And remember this, you have a lot in common with your so called ‘enemy’. He has friends who care about him too. He has family who love him too. He’s grown up from a baby to become what he is now, just like you. WE ARE ALL MORE ALIKE THAN WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Violence solves nothing. Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

To those of you who do play the game of life straight, the 'good boys', or w/e, i say keep goin at it. Don't get sidetracked and drawn into the sidelines or into the penalty box and let the game pass by. Your short term hard work will pay itself off in the long run. At the same time tho, don't walk away from your true friends who are already involved. You can never walk away from your boyz, whether you're 'gangster' or not. Talk to them... Help them get back on track... Be there for them... When it comes to helping your friends with these kinds of life deciding issues, you can never be too early; you can only be too late.

Don’t get me wrong brejjins. I can’t possibly begin to understand where you guys are coming from. I don’t know what kinda shit you’ve been through. What I say to you is my own opinions and perceptions of things that I base on my own experiences. Just remember that we all have our own stories to tell. The question is: Will yours have a happy ending?

Sincerely to all of you,



Yeah thats my message that i posted up on my webpage (check my post in the 'intro urself' thread if u dunno what i'm talkin about)

Do you guys agree? What have i overlooked in my message? I'm just throwin this out here for some thot, thats all.

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Unread post by A Ghost » November 30th, 2005, 9:41 pm

Good Message. 8)

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Unread post by Noog » December 1st, 2005, 2:21 am

Hey Peace2DaStreets, are you from UK? It was the ref to 'inside the penalty box', ie on the soccer pitch? Your writing'd suit Hackney too..nice one, s'all true. I wish I could unpackage the deep reasons clearly, but its like a civil war in the community, the crews fighting each other like mirror images when the real enemy is the social forces which brought about the situation over decdes and time, the social injustice, racism, poverty and the bad personal choices within that - but those bad choices were a kind of set up for all those boys - boys from affluent areas with resources don't join the civil war on the whole...

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Unread post by Comatose » December 6th, 2005, 2:08 am

Right, cuz, you know, every gang just sprouts spontaneously from nothing and declares an entire genre of people as enemies randomly, huh? You people make me sick.

Why do I hate 456 Pirus to this day? Because when I was 13 some tried to KILL ME for wearin a snoop dogg t shirt, before I had any form of affiliation. Oh, lets not forget my little homie who got his fuccin head blown off 4 feet from me when them same hood was dumpin on me (this time with a little more justification, if beating one of their homies is justification). Most hoods that have beef have it for a reason, whether its right or wrong in your opinion.

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