FF News: Snake attacks Woman says President Abdull

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FF News: Snake attacks Woman says President Abdull

Unread post by footprints » November 3rd, 2013, 10:27 am

President Abdulla on
SA's Economic Stimulus Plan...

by Jessica Knowles

(30 December 2025--FF News) South African President Mr. Omar Abdulla

spoke to parliamentary members

from his 447 member South African government forcing bids for

negotiations with the merging of united businesses...

The South African government said in a report that

South African's had averaged growth by 81% on

cash investments

and a further 10 % on long term assets..

"We have become the biggest loan sharks for country's

who aim to profit from cheaper

rands through bidding

their foreign purchases through our businessmen

who have always been thoughtful for

our indigenous brethren

who live in Africa..." says Johannesburg

resident Mr. Ismail Kalla...

First National Bank says on their website that more

South African's were saving

into unit trusts, savings plans, endowments and

policies that welcome the growth

of pension funds...

"If we leverage our assets and liabilities

towards the futures of our dreams,

we can paint

whatever we desire...Money is not only for the rich and mighty,

and as we learn to earn,

we should share a minimum of 10% of our gross profits..."

says Lenasia resident Miss. Farhana


The President reported to parliament that due to the

reduction of crime, the increase in national

database, the decrease in the price of natural resources

and the increase in imports has allowed

South African's to 'edge higher,' per capita.

"We have become the fastest leading country

in the world, and the so called big boys have wagged

their tails our way."

Minister of Finance Mr. Ian Belle says that he

has been

working with government and the media to

'sustain-'n-maintain,' trade surplus over the

last three years.

"We have rescued South Africa from

a slipping economy to an

economy that roars billions of rands per second.

Some Cities in South Africa can match the

standards of Rome,

Venice, Los Angel es, Paris, Miami, Mecca, Florida

and Istanbul...

If we see the economy as green lite, we could

and would maintain the presidents promises to

government in 2023..."

South African resident Mrs. Taren Pienaar

added by saying that

she was used to the idea of the president

pushing and pressing towards a positive economy

that left

no child abused, no brother hurt, no lover abandoned

and a free society where

the rules and regulations

of our constitution be respected...

Former US President Mr. Barack Obama says that he had whispered a treasured w o r d

to Mr. Abdulla before he became president.

Thumbnail 3:45
Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Title song with Lyrics
"We always watched him from the side- benches
and when he became President, I knew that

it was my will to travel to Africa again."

Vryburg resident, Mr. Fredrick Roddrick says that he was engaged

to the idea of the president

pushing Zimbabwean president towards joining forces for the

revolution that destroyed Kenya.

"We don't want what happened in Kenya to repeat itself again...

If the economy allows too many

foreign nationals into our country, we could force our bread

and butter residents out."

UN SECT General Mr. Barnard Moonstone says that


Abdulla had chillingly changed the method

of trade after his support for the UN by

supporting the

organization through organizational deals that

promote trade...

Minister of Trade and Industry in South Africa


Mrs. Yusra Hendriks says that

Abdulla had maintained a quality standard in


abet his aggressive and prowling


"The Abdulla Administration and her employees,

see to it that departments are in check, Ministers

are jetted to a n y country in the world, our parks

are cleaned and national interest remains within

country borders."

Angel Investor and businessman Mr. David Nosh noted

that the country was still opening her

legs for investment and that Abdulla should not stop edging

bringing the economy closer.

"Our national population has increased to above

90 million people,

and if we protect and promote

our nation to ourselves and the world,

we would see the images our forefathers

fought for."

Apartheid Activist from Heidelberg,

Mr. Willem Botha who wore his

apartheid hat

and shoes says that he was born a farmer,

and even if the country experiences

revolution, he will never move out.

"We are born white, and it's in our culture

to follow the footprints of our forefathers..If

we follow the teachings of Standard Oil and company

into our own lives, our export

market could shoot to above 18% growth for 2028.."

Speaking to Footprints in Drakensburg, local resident

Mr. Adriaan Venter says that South

African's were accustomed to President Abdulla's

leadership approach and laughed at

some of his ideas mentioned to parliament in

February 2024..

"He is winning the national accolades and handles

the high- pressure

cell of the limelight. Let's

hope his visit to Norway, wins Europe

towards forging barter deals with Africa."

Personality of the Year for The Memon

Foundation of

The United States, Mr. Yusuf

Dada told parliament via Skype that

more and more South African's

were studying and a normal Bcom degree

carry's no weight.

"In the olden days, we could get employed

by a n y company after

we passed our grade 12, today not even a

university degree carries

any weight when applying for a job. Our

foundation assists government

by proving free education and jobs to

people who want to grow and

learn from The Muslim World. We believe

that ISLAM is the way of life,

and if residents from the country, choose to

partake in any of our

community gatherings, we will welcome all offers."

President Abdulla says that old companies in

South Africa had grown the largest

being taxed in South Africa...

"Our 100 yr old companies are growing the

fastest as they are breaching into

sub areas in Africa,

allowing for our government

to maintain internal and external

measure for doing business. Our small to medium enterprises

have grown largely

due to banks easing their business facilities, and the start up

companies has grown

similar to the old companies as their consumer base is largely

community driven. We

see the growth in sectors Business and Financing, Biology

and Medical, Invention and

Innovation, Farming and Forestry, Human Enhancement

and Development, Mining and Earth

Moving, Transport and Aviation and other sectors

of the economy growing steadily above

market demand."

FED Governor journalist Mrs. Pamela Kone

says that the governor had agreed to

South Africa's

monetary policy but had disagreed

with fiscal policy...

"South Africa taxes the poor and

middle class, and SA is the only

country where it pays to

remain wealthy...The lower

and middle class are being

taxed unfairly on household goods and

income, which affects the poverty stricken

communities in South Africa...We agree that interest

rates and inflation should remain low, to promote

growth, but we see room for improvement

in the fiscal policy."

Local Roshnee resident, Mrs. Tasneem Hoosein Mia says

that South Africa had remained strong in the

l a s t five years after the chopping of interest rates

and the reduction of pirate finance houses.

"We see the growth forecast for the next decade

as on par, with the volume that we trade. Our

associations with local and international bankers

has assisted the country towards the freeing of


The African Union concluded that President

Abdulla's winning of several Nobel Prizes was

a step in the right as the rand had strengthened

against all major currencies.

"After the rand was introduced as the base currency

in Africa in 2023, we saw the R/$ exchange

rate move from R15/$ to R5/$, allowing for a

bullish import market for the next year."

President Abdulla
about Marriage...

by Marry^Me

(11 December 2025--FF News) South Africa's Hottest Hunk President

Mr. Omar Abdulla,

says that marriage is the perpetual bliss of every couples lives linked with

forces of passion, dreams, 'thrills-'n-spills,' love, commitment,

honesty, patience and


"There are more than 3 million married couples in South Africa,

and the secret

to ones destiny and quality of life is through the purity of marriage.

If we do not

fulfill this deed before our twenties or thirties we have failed

the rose of life."

Speaking to The Cupid Stupid Mrs. Marcia Sithole says

that she had met her

husband in 2023, and was 'dazed-'n-amazed,' after they

shared their first child.

"I believe that marriage should be cemented through

having as many children as

possible. Marriage is the foundation of ones caring

and we should aim each day

to do that extra bit for our beloved spouses."

The Love Dove Magazine says that marriage is but

a breath of fresh air, that gets

sweeter and sweeter.

"If you were to ask my wife about the necessities

that we fulfilled over the last couple

of decades she would tell you that each day of living

with me, she falls deeper and

deeper in love."

"The Prince of her Dreams' produced by President

Abdulla in 2010, was a film based

on love, support, dreams and the ability to fight for

ones loved one.

"I was no where near becoming the president of our

country, and back in the day,

I would earn pocket money producing films.

The film changed the epic of love

not only in South Africa, showing people that love

really does exist."

"When you are in love, you perform better at work,

your thoughts are cleaner,

your body feels oh so beautiful and well let's just say

your legs pull a bit." joked

Aadila Mohammed, a Rylands resident.

In an Exclusive Interview with Footprints in India,

Bollywood Superstar Mrs. Aishwarya

Rai says that she had married at a late age to

advance her career.

"I always put my career first in my twenties, my

marriage took over my life

in my thirties and in my forties, my children

keep me entertained. There is no life,

if there is no children, if there is no passion,

if there is no love-making, and if

there is no sharing."

Mrs. Maleesha Naidoo, from Chatsworth in

South Africa says that she does not

believe in love after being divorced three times.

"I always fail in my marriages. It's just something

that has not worked for me. It's

either he ends up in bed with another woman,

or I get sweep ed off my feet

by some PrinCe Charming."

The Laudium Times wrote on their website


marriage is like a fine wine that

gets better and wetter over years.

"When you learn the simple t r i c k s

from your

loved one, and enjoy time together,

that's when the real spark is created."

Mrs. Jennaveve Toms, A Geneva resident adds by

saying that she had met

her husband during World War II...

"In those days we could not make love to our boyfriends

before we got married...Infact,

when my husband was taken a w a y by the German's,

we had wrote letters to each other

for more than eight years, before we could get married.

We did not see each other for those

eight years, and only shared our signature on our

letters with a speck of blood. Today, we

are married more than 60 years, and we still get

pricked by the roses in our garden."

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Thumbnail 8:00
Humko Humise Chura Lo -
Mohabbatein (1080p HD Song)

Umtata resident, Mr. Daniel Shisha noted that he had
lived in a two square foot
shelter when he met his wife.
"We had nothing. I did not have a job. We lived on
sardines and wine and
our Sunday luxury meal was PAP and VLEIS...
For two years, she stood with me
and I got my job pushing trolleys...
I then completed my grade 12, and worked,
sweated the fields of Free State, and often sent
penny's home to the wife and
children. Today, government has sent contracts
to re slough the fields of The Sahara,
and have the smiles we once dreamt about."

Princess of Wales Miss. Emila Watson, says that love
is something that happens
only once in one's life.
"Whether it's your first kiss, your first orgasm,
your first flutter in your heart,
or your spirit being elevated, we all experience
the ooze of love once
a time in our lives. We should aim to keep
our love sacred and never to share
the nitty gritty details of what we once
Celebrity personality who plays JAMES
BOND 2025,
Mr. William Gibson, says that
he had played 007 since 2020,
and has always learn't the importance
of attraction
for a beautiful woman.
"It's never love, if your loved one says
that she
loves you one day, and the next
day she is sleeping with your neighbor.
It's true love, if he calls you by your
it's love if he wipes your tears,
it's love if he gives you more than
what you offered, and it's
love when he cleans your spirit for a better

Local teenager, Miss. Mariam Sibokeng,
says that she has been in love with her
boyfriend for several years, but cannot
him because she hates her in-laws.

"We cannot afford to get our own place,
and his parents dislike the way I dress,
the way I spend hours in his room,
the way I let him eat with knife and fork,
the way I support his dreams.
I am too scared to get married, because I feel
that it will destroy what we have."

President of South Africa Mr. Omar Abdulla says that
marriage is not only about male
and female, it's about business, it's about relationships,
it's about friendships
and it's about playing games...

"When major companies merge with South
African businesses,
they forge a marriage
relationship of working together to build
one common goal.
If our couples, businessmen,
friends and partners marry our attitude in their lives,
they would find that South Africa
is the most-loving country in Africa."

Miss. Kelly Olson says that she has lost the feeling
in her heart for marriage
after several boyfriends had promised her marriage
and seems that she
will now get married at 40...

"They all used me, and I gave them my best. I am
bitter and feel that all men
should die. The last boyfriend I dated,
I told him, that if he leaves me I will
turn gay, and so I did."

Miss Bianca Anderson, a Gauteng resident says
that she is a virgin,
and it's unfortunate
that many women break their virginity before
they truly 'fall-in-love.'

"The greatest love a woman can show to her husband,
is that she is pure
on the night of the wedding. We grew up Afrikaaners,
and we believe that
it is unethical and unpure to engage in bad deeds
before marriage. Yes, I have
dated several punks, but I have kept my sacred
safe only for the man I truly,
madly, deeply love."
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The Abdulla Administration issued a report to

government saying that once a couple

decides to get married, they should remain married for

a minimum of three years.

"We have passed this l a w in South Africa, and if either

partner wants out of the

relationship before the three year period, the remaining

time of the marriage should

be spent behind bars.."

"We feel that this law serves

South African's as marriage is the bearer of fruit for

the nation...Our parents are the creators of our

youth and if our youth don't get

the proper attention that they deserve,

crime will rocket on the streets of Cape Town."

says Cape resident Mr. Arshaad Akmal.

"We should all make merry when getting married and

never be afraid or bold to

make the defining step to wed." says The Marriage

Bureau of South Africa...

The Marriage LAW adapted from the South African

constitution allows for

marriage between Black and White, Chinese and African,

Male and Male, but

commits the relationship for the selected period,

once married through the

court of law.

Mr. Martin Wessels, a 26-yr old resident from

North West, wrote to Footprints

Filmworks saying that he has been involved

with his girlfriend for the l a s t three

years, and if he could use our platform to propose to his GF...

"Farzana, you know that I love you with every beat

of my heart, and I have

been begging and pleading with you for the last

six months for us to tie

the knot...Be the brave soul, and vote my

heart with yours this Christmas."

Mr. Abdulla concluded that we should drop our ties and suit's and

pull our wigs off, and be totally honest with the people we love,

so that marriage should be the target of our lifestyle opportunities.

"Never settle for second best when making a marriage decision.

Some people

take years, before they say YES to their

loved ones, so take the time,

and be prepared to love your partner during the tough times, during

the romantic times, during the hoops and loops and during the bells

and whistles of life."

Snake ATTACKS WOMAN at the
Kruger National Park
says President Abdulla...

by Huzaifa Hassam

(19 December 2025--FF News) SA's 'Top-Notch,' President Mr. Omar

Abdulla spent the afternoon investigating claims made by residents

from The Kruger National Park in Limpopo and Mpumalanga stating that

residents were living in fear after six cobra's and associate snakes had escaped

the park.

About 73433 results for Footprints Filmworks
Thumbnail 3:53

"We are living in fear as these snakes had escaped the

national zoo, on the northern

end of the park. They are normally viewed through

spit proof glass, and these snakes

had snook ed their way pass their watchers eyes."

According to sources close to the resort, Mr. Paul Heinrich, he says, that

a resident was attacked in the early hours of her hotel, when a snake was

found in her fridge.

"I had opened the fridge door, to have a glass of milk,

and in the darkness
of the night I could see the snake hissing

and kissing away. I had screamed to

the top of my voice, called my husband, and by that time,

the snake's venom

has entered through my index finger."

Mr. Van Vuuren, who was on holiday from the busy year,

says that he normally

does hunting and fishing during the December months,

and was sparked that

these snakes had escaped snake watchers.

"My wife is living in fear, and we have moved to the

highest floor to escape

these snakes. I normally can kill a snake with my bare hands,

but with the

wife and children, it's just too much."

The Kruger National Park owns 3333 trees, 562 species

of fish, 1114 reptiles,

281 mammals, 5002 birds, and more than 233 hectares

of space providing an

environment for relax ion,'peace-'n-quiet,' and the

opportunity to open

ones mindset a w a y from the city lights says local

Limpopo resident

Mr. Waheed Takolia.

Takolia says that the escape of these snakes was a possibility that the

mating season was in play, and cobra's were mixing their blood with

other snakes.

"When they live in a 300cm cage with no like species, the naughty

snakes weave their way towards the boreholes of the park." says

Zoo Keeper Mr. Sanele Boitumelo.

SA resident Mr. Mark Simms noted that he had traveled 380KM to

South Africa's leading game reserve and was alerted by the opportunity

of capturing a COBRA.

"If you were to visit me in my office in Houghton, JHB, you would see

that I own three snakes that are living in glass proof safe. My clients

are amazed by the amount of rats that these snakes eat. If given the

opportunity, I want to take one to my office."

National Geographic says that there are 3000 species of snakes including

Death Adder, Puff Adder, Bolivian Anaconda, Black Mexican King Snake,

Texas Blind Snake, Sand Boa, Bushmaster, and thousands of other

species that hide on roof tops, tree branches, sewage pipes and

soggy soil.

"A snake is blind, legless and relies on her scent to catch her prey. It's

all about movement, and the best way to confront a snake, is play

dead, the way we would act if any lion, tiger, or bear were to

stand in front of us."

In a separate report handed to

Footprints in Limpopo, MD for

Brain's Circus,

Mr. Brian Boswell says that whilst

the president was warning

residents for snakes

at The Kruger National Park,

it is unfortunate to report

that a tiger had went

missing during their

show in Laudium.

"A 392KG African Tiger has escaped circus

watchers and we are warning

residents from the community of Laudium,

that a tiger might

be prowling the

streets, and residents should be warned."

Minister of Animals and Conservation Mr. Maxwell Greene

says that the president

was accustomed to animals stampeding the streets in

South Africa, after

foxes were caught eating cattle in Free State.

"We cannot afford our livestock to be eaten by these predators, and

have strengthen ed white picket fencing around our farms."

CEO of The Kruger National Park, Mrs. Michelle

Motawa noted to

The Limpopo Sun that these snakes were harmless

with the exception

of The "Black Mamba..."

"The Black Mamba is the only snake that we did not

remove venom from, as

we received the snake last Friday from China. This is

a snake that can kill in

many ways, with a puncture to the neck, or the snake

wraps itself around

you, killing all blood corpuscles. Our statement to the

media, is

that the mamba normally lives in water, thus, reducing

the chances

on a land bite."

Speaking to Animal Planet, MD for Snake Park,

Mrs. Petunia Rose says

that it was mating season for these snakes,

and thus the opportunity

to capture these snakes was slim to non.

"These snakes have moved way passed our

fences and are probably slithering

towards the neckline of the province where

their sperm is most efficient.

The cobra

snake has to mate in hot weather, and

the hottest

weather in Limpopo, is

near the neckline of the province. We have

to catch these snakes

as we don't want anyone being

traumatized or living in fear."

Thumbnail 4:20
Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You

Dr. Lameez Chotia, a Veterinarian, from the community of Benoni, says

that a snake is a pathological killer, and we as human beings should

l e a r n from these reptiles.

"These reptiles never overeat, these reptiles shed their skin quarterly,

these reptiles mate during their monsoon cycle and normally don't cause

any danger to their owners."

Another resident who spoke to M-Net says that with the high-rate

of crime in South Africa he has bought a toy snake and handgun to

scare people who want to rob him.

"I carry a fake Revolver on the back of my shirt, and a large rattle snake

in my vehicle. When an intruder were to break the window, he would

get a scare of his life. Has worked several times, and once I almost

got mugged, pulled out my revolver, and the thief ran far off.."

President Abdulla's warning to residents from the community of Limpopo

is to call the National Animal Number on 087 910109, or kill the snake, by

shooting the snake with an arrow or cutting the neck off the reptile.


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