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Best Time To Travel

Unread postby fiza123 » August 9th, 2018, 6:24 am

The thing you have to be aware is maximum cost, peaks days, uncomfortable environment and train and airplane tickets bookings. First of all, try to avoid going for a tour in peaks days such as religious festival like Eid Holy Dewali Christmas these are few major events when the public rush is roaring and maybe cause of disaster or uncomfortable hotels owner and transportation owner will double their rates due to a season. And maybe you not calmness and tour will be worse due to heavy traffic of people. Being a tourist of neelum valley tour packages 2018 here are some suggestion from my side avoid travel when weather changes mean when raining or land sliding at hill part areas because of it difficult to drive there and reach your destination it may cause injuries or any happen weird thing. Plan your trip when no local holiday no public holiday roads are clear tickets of train and airplane is minimized in cost and hotels is available for hospitality.

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