Antifa all over the news in America huh? finally now huh?

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Antifa all over the news in America huh? finally now huh?

Unread post by Invincible32 » August 20th, 2017, 9:43 am

lol at American way of life being now threatened by Antifa (everywhere in U.S. news) and even alling them enemy of state: ... nding-them

this shows how scared they are their police state will fall or there will be real resistance to cops having ultimate power and control there and laws that put people in dungeons for nothing. that country needs to be burried and whether it takes antifa or ultras or any other group to do it you got my support. fuk their three strikes and registrations and coward cops and cop callers after starting shit. polish dont play.

Antifa = allegiance when it comes to fighting the u.s. anything it takes to tske down that world bully and superpower coward police state with lawyers and cops doing cowards' bididng snd making money on immigrants, slavs, anyone they can. they will pay though thats for sure.

I also like how they created the (besides three strikes and various registrations) patriot act and now with that BS they are trying to define the anti as such. all those stupid Americans don't understand it is all for control, control first of those they are scared of then them themselves. its power and control by their own government and police.

I witnessed it first hand and may even write a book about it. I know their secrets the media won't tell the public. I know the reality of what goes on there how they trade human being,s put them with animals in pits for years, they laugh at doing deals, how their government cracks down on people without breaking real laws but by reaching and getting their coward juries to go with it, how they use both federal and state indictments to people or groups, how they pit races against one another, etc. etc. etc.

Young Nile
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Re: Antifa all over the news in America huh? finally now huh?

Unread post by Young Nile » August 20th, 2017, 10:55 am

You do know vast amounts of Americans side with Antifa right?

You don't see the uprising going on in America against the fascist oligarchs? The uprising is being done by Americans not some foreign agitators...

So keep it 100 when you talking...

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